April 14, 2021

What if 'Fargo' happened in a town in Zamora? | TV

What if 'Fargo' happened in a town in Zamora? | TV

In the universe of Fargo, the film of the Coen brothers and the series inspired by it, there is a constant, besides the snow, the blood and its peculiar black humor: its protagonists are normal beings destined to extraordinary circumstances. People who, without really knowing how, suddenly find themselves in the middle of a huge mess that they do not know how to get out of. Drugs, murders and various crimes. And the skein, bigger and bigger.

Slaughterhouse, series that Antena 3 premieres this Wednesday (22.45), does not hide where you drink and has always been sold as inspired by Fargo. Good thing he does not hide it because it's obvious. An initial warning ensures that what the viewer is going to see is a true story. There is a young civil guard, a couple of hired killers quite peculiar … You can almost trace the inheritance of Fargo step by step in the first chapter. But, on those common wicks, Slaughterhouse he manages to create a world that engages and that in the beginning presents characters and tone to raise the situation from which each one starts.

In Slaughterhouse There are pigs, drugs, bars, a road club. The story, located in the fictional town of Torrecillas, in Zamora, starts when Francisco (Antonio Garrido), owner of a slaughterhouse and who is dedicated to trafficking with drugs that moves inside the pigs, is discovered by Don Julio (José Ángel Egido ), one of the men who controls the drug trafficking business in the area. Don Julio sends two murderers, Teo and Pascual (Miguel de Lira and Ginés García Millán), to take care of him. All this will affect Francisco's brother-in-law, Alfonso (Pepe Viyuela), a veterinarian who has spent too much time looking the other way in his brother-in-law's business.

What if 'Fargo' happened in a town in Zamora?

Without going into the details of the argument (better to see it without knowing much more than the starting point), the first chapter works as an interesting reinterpretation of Fargo with high doses of fat and Iberian dandruff and many national clichés. Now the series has the challenge of making us forget the universe in which it has been inspired so that it really manages to have a life of its own. And keep the pulse throughout the 10 chapters that will last. For the moment, the boot entertains and is very well interpreted – the two sicarios of Miguel de Lira and Ginés García Millán.

Pity that has not arrived on time to the reduction of minutes that Antena 3 announced for its new series and stays above 70 minutes, because this story would have gone very well episodes shorter. But, at least, it offers something different from what we usually see on Spanish television, which is a lot to say.


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