"What I do is move his arm away and that's it"

Inigo Errejon, deputy for Más País, appeared in court this morning to deny having kicked a man in Lavapiés in May of last year. "What I do is move his arm away and that's it," said the politician. Minutes after the complainant ratified his complaint against him, Errejón has drawn a situation in which this resident of Lavapiés asked him for a photo, referred to him as "red" and "silly", and insisted several times until the politician got rid of him and left the place but without attacking him.

The trial against Errejón is postponed after the Prosecutor's Office has asked to replace the judge for having instructed the case

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Errejón has reported that on May 2, 2021, he and other members of More Country they had attended the final act of the Madrid election campaign and had gone to the Lavapiés neighborhood “to have a beer”. At the time of leaving, he has recounted how a man began to bother the group with the suspicion that he, moreover, wanted to rob them. While they were waiting at the door of a grocery store and dealing with that person, the complainant appeared with a friend.

"Errejón, take a photo," the complainant told him according to the politician's account. He, he explained before the judge, told him no, claiming that he was tired and explaining that, in addition, they were already in a day of reflection. “Normally I take them off, this happens to me a lot and I do them very often with people who like me better and who like me worse. If I don't feel like it, normally people understand it”, he has said.

The man insisted and even tried to put his arm around him to take a 'selfie' “But I've even taken a picture with Monedero, if I make you angry on social networks. Come on, reddish, come here, you're dumber than I thought, ”he affirms that he told him but not in a violent attitude. "It's true that I get angry, I tell him" leave me alone, clown "and I take his arm away, I don't kick him," he said. One of his companions urged him to leave while he told her that this person was "a ruin seeker."

The complainant even told him "come here, I'm going to ruin your life, you're going to shit yourself, I'm going to screw up your life" while he was leaving. The attorney for the accusation has even asked him why he did not deny the facts immediately on Twitter as soon as the facts were known. “If I had to be responding to anything that appears on the digital media with ideological animosity...”, said the deputy for Más País.

“Pataplam, kick”

The complainant, for his part, has ratified his accusation before the judge. He has recounted how that day he sat down to drink a few bottles with an acquaintance from the neighborhood in Lavapiés when, back home and after walking the dog, they met the deputy from Más País.

He went to ask for a photograph. "Man, but if you're Iñigo Errejón, don't you mind if I take a picture with you?" He says he told him, to which Errejón replied by saying that he wasn't working. "Man, it's a photograph," replied the complainant, also saying that he had taken another with Juan Carlos Monedero. At that moment, he says, he tells her that he has "turned green" on social networks: "It was to tell him that and pataplam, kick." He wanted to call the police but a person "of color" that he has not identified tried to stop him.

"I was very lucky because when I went to the emergency room, Alberto told me, look, if you are 30 centimeters closer, your guts are on the ground," he says a doctor told him when he went to the hospital for the pain caused by the alleged kicked by a cancer that suffered. He has also confirmed that he claims for the damages suffered: “I have been anxious for a year, a year, and the people in the neighborhood are very bad. A newspaper put me as an activist. I am a Popular Party voter but first I voted for the PSOE ”, he has settled.

A witness, a friend of his from the neighborhood, has confirmed part of his version: "It was a front kick, a violent kick and total contempt," he said, after the complainant asked him for a photo "elegantly." But in his version of the conversation, the complainant tells him: “Let you know that I am not going to put you well on social networks” and that is when the alleged kick occurs. The victim was displaced about two meters, according to his version.

second trial

It is the second time that Inigo Errejon sits on the bench for these facts. The first time, in january this year, the magistrate decided to withdraw at the request of the Prosecutor's Office. The Public Ministry understood that the judge had launched too many proceedings and actions during the investigation and that, therefore, she could not be the one who held the reins of the trial. Finally, the Court of Madrid decided that the leader of Más País would be judged by the natural substitute for this magistrate: Fernando Fernández Olmedo.

Upon his arrival at the courts of Plaza de Castilla in Madrid, Errejón has been confident that he will be acquitted. “Looking forward to all this being over and being able to explain it. A year ago a man from the extreme right accused me of a lie, I came here to clarify it four months ago, the Court removed the previous judge and wishing that this would end here, they accused me of a lie and we have been dragging it for too long " , has said.

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