Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

What happens if you have made the statement wrong?

¿Qué pasa si has hecho mal la declaración de la Renta?

This Tuesday, April 2, the Bell of the Rent
2018, which will last until next July 1. Those more impatient people may have already done the declaration. But rushes are not good companions. Anyone could have been wrong. But what happens if it is done wrong?

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It is not the end of the world, everything has a solution. If the errors committed have involved a lower income or a higher refund, they must be regularized by submitting a
complementary. If, on the other hand, they have involved a lower refund or higher income, they must be presented a

Income 2018

You only need to access the portal 'Renta 2018'

For this, you only need to access the portal 'Income 2018'. Within the section 'More procedures' is the option 'Modify your statement already submitted', which allows both processes.

If the declarations presented previously have caused a loss to the taxpayer, such as the omission of any deduction, the declaration of an exempt income, among others, the taxpayer may request the rectification of said declaration, by marking X in box 127.

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