What happened to Michael Schumacher?

What happened to Michael Schumacher?

The life of Michael Schumacher changed radically on December 29, today five years ago. The seven times champion of the world of Formula 1 (double between 1994 and 1995 and five consecutive times between 2000 and 2004) he suffered a spectacular accident while skiing in the winter resort of Méribel, in the French Alps. He was with his son Mick descending at a speed that did not reach 40 kilometers per hour when he left track between the areas of La Biche and Mauduit. He hit himself hard on the head, which was a cranioencephalic trauma, intracranial hematomas and diffuse cerebral edema. But five years later, his condition is unknown.

According to the medical report of the University Hospital of the French city of Grenoble, he suffered irreversible neurological damage, and fell into a coma. Stephane Bozon, commander in charge of the rescue of Schumacher, revealed the problems they had in helping the expilot: "It could have been worse for him if we had not been there immediately. I still remember that the helicopter emergency doctors had problems on the slopes due to the location of the accident. We knew it was a very serious injury. "

Paradoxical that in his almost twenty seasons in Formula 1, the German had only accidents of special gravity (the most serious was in the Grand Prix of Great Britain of 1999, which caused a fracture of the tibia and fibula), and yet his life took a turn off the race tracks. And it is that he takes without knowing his health since September 2014, where it was said that he would be taken to his mansion in Gland, Switzerland, three months after he left the coma on June 16, almost six months after his accident.

Since then, Sabine Kehm, spokesperson for the Schumacher family, has been silent and has asked that the privacy of the seven-time champion be respected. Further, has denied all false information about the pilot and to the informative silence about Michael, all eyes are focused on his son Mick, 19 years and about to debut in Formula 2. The British newspaper Daily Mail revealed that "Schumi" presented advances in his health that, while still delicate, at least has signs of improvement: no longer prostrate or dependent on being connected to a breathing machine. Also, there are people who say they have seen it. For example, the German Archbishop Georg Ganswein. The 62-year-old priest assured Bunte magazine that he sat in front of him and noticed with his fullest face: "I touched him with both hands and I looked at him, his face, as we all know, is the typical face of Michael Schumacher; it has only become a little more stuffed. "

An enigma yet to be discovered

Next Thursday, January 3, Michael Schumacher will turn 50, although for some, he will still have 44, the same ones he had when he suffered the accident, since he has not been seen again. It is true that he wanted that when he retired from the races, all the fame that he accumulated will cease to be recognized by the media and he will be considered as an ordinary person. A total of 91 victories achieved in his more than three hundred races. 155 podiums, 68 poles and 77 fastest laps that make up its seven titles. But what is not known is his state, which we are all wanting to know.


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