Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

What happened between Barranco and Oriana in Thailand?

‘MYHYV’: ¿Qué ha ocurrido entre Barranco y Oriana en Tailandia?

Crazy Trip
, the transmedia reality that Mediaset has promoted with five ex-contestants from Women and men and vice versa (MYHYV)
continues taking minutes of the program of love presented by Toñi Moreno. And what happened in Thailand is causing an avalanche of information and conflicts sentimental that it is impossible not to treat.

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If this Monday the week started with the face to face between Labrador, Ana, Steisy and Eleazar, this Tuesday it is the turn of Albert Barranco to respond to the information of his travel companion -Steisy- about a possible sexual encounter with Oriana, who, by the way, had a boyfriend during his stay in the reality show.

Possible sexual encounter

The issue in question is that the feeling and complicity between the two participants of the reality is leaving room for doubt. This same Tuesday we will be able to observe some images of the two very next ones in the bed of the hotel where they lodged and the alarms will jump. So much, that Steisy will affirm that there was sex.

What will Albert Barranco have to say about it? Are we facing a 'crazy trip' in full? ¿What else mysteries hidden Thailand and the journey of the vice versa? The consequences of transmedia reality continue to expand and without a doubt this new hypothesis opens a new front between Barranco, current suitor of Silvia, and Oriana.

Oriana and Albert Barranco (MYHYV).

Oriana and Albert Barranco (MYHYV).

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