What good actresses! | Babelia

What good actresses! | Babelia

The company Theater in Vilo It broke into the alternative circuits in 2013 (first in the Edinburgh Fringe and then in the Talent Madrid festival) with a work of collective creation, Interrupted, that surprised by the ingenuity with which he combined various scenic languages: gestural theater, clown, absurd humor, music. This is what happens when you start creating not to replicate what you have already seen, but looking for a voice of your own: the result is always original.

That same will is evident in his new show, Generation Why, that revolves around an issue: what do you want for your future? Four actresses of different origin - and how good are these actresses: Noemi Rodriguez, Chiara Goldsmith, Roisin O'Mahony and Andrea Jiménez! - try to answer this question in different ways and squeeze the issue to the paroxysm, dive into their dreams, they cry and laugh at inherited stereotypes with an absolute control of their body and stage. Just to see them is worth this function. Light, as it was Interrupted, but equally ingenious.

Generation Why. Collective creation of Teatro en Vilo. Direction: Andrea Jiménez. Valle-Inclán Theater. Madrid. Until October 28. Tour 2018: Tenerife, Pamplona, ​​Seville, Cyprus, Córdoba.


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