"What fagot you are, you are going to take a host", death threats in Canarian football – La Provincia

The Tinerfeña Football Federation he included in the agreements of his last meeting two sanctions of six months each to the person in charge of the material of the first team of the Athletic Victoria, participant in the competition of the Preferred Category, for threatening death and insulting one of the assistants of referee David Barreto Díaz, who detailed in the minutes, within the comments section, the harassment suffered by his partner.

It happened in the Javier Pérez Sports City last Friday September 27 during a Preferred match between Tenerife C and Atlético Victoria. As indicated by the collegiate in the minutes, the utilizer of the visiting team, identified as such despite not being part of the call – was serving a penalty for an expulsion – maintained an offensive attitude during and after the game. Barreto Díaz, assisted that day in the field by Diego Jesús Hernández Quintero and Ulises Wuttke Lassalle, states that, without being summoned and being "identified by the arbitration trio", JGM spat out his assistant number two "repeatedly during the meeting, to few centimeters to reach him "and addressing him in the following terms:" The next spit will give you, fucking fag, disgusting machupichu, let you go to our field that from there you will not leave alive, you will not whistle again, you will still be I put a colleague right now fag. " The referee adds that these insults occurred "during the match dispute", without specifying a phase of the match.

In addition, he points out that J. G. M. insisted "once finished" the meeting, which ended with the triumph of Tenerife C 1-0. "He follows us to the visiting locker room, having to be guarded by the private security of the facilities, saying repeatedly: what a fag you are, you are going to take a host, and to the security I will burst the baton, shit, children of bitch. " Barreto also states in the minutes that "the thing did not go to major thanks to private security" of the facilities of the CD Tenerife. He also notes that the aggressor "entered the visiting locker room equipped with the Atlético Victoria tracksuit" and was identified as the person in charge of the material for having "sports card".


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