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With each purchase, the Ferragni family accumulated points from the supermarket. Until they had enough for the camera that little Chiara wanted. Her father, Marco, remembers that during the first car trip with her new gift the girl took "500 photos". At each click, another pose. Millimeter changes, but repeated. So much that even his father got fed up: “But what do you do? Leave it now. Do not you see that it is not good for you?

Perhaps at that time Marco Ferragni announced one of the most misguided prophecies in history. Normal that when he confessed years later, before another camera, he laughs. His daughter is now 31 years old (Milan, 1987) and must be one of the most photographed human beings on the planet. For herself, and for others. Ferragni, for the one who didn't know her, is the influencer of the most successful fashion sector in the world. In summary, for the most profane still, the Italian hangs messages, videos and photos of her life and her style on social networks every day, and causes a butterfly effect that goes from Australia to Mexico.

Many have perceived as a frivolization that the festival hosts the film, which she commissioned director Elisa Amoruso

Years ago, in reality, that Ferragni is much more. On Instagram, adds 17.2 million followers: to compare, it is as if the entire population of the Netherlands were aware of their account. It started in 2009 with a blog about fashion, The Blonde Salad, and has built in 10 years an empire that adds a line of clothing and accessories, shops in Paris or Shanghai, and classes on-line of beauty or digital entrepreneurship. Its two companies employ more than 70 people and brands such as Fendi, Louis Vitton or Dior bid for it. its wedding in Sicily with rapper Fedez - Together they are the "Ferragnez" - generated more impact on the networks than the real link of Enrique and Meghan in Britain. The economic newspaper Financial times He dedicated a page to his rise and his business model. And now even the oldest film festival in the world has opened its doors: The Venice Film Festival shows the documentary Chiara Ferragni, Unposted. And the businesswoman herself will parade this Wednesday on the red carpet.

Not without controversy, of course. What does a influencer In the 10-year house of art and essay cinema Many have perceived as a frivolization that the festival hosts the film, which she commissioned director Elisa Amoruso. “We doubt a lot. But, like it or not, it is a global phenomenon that has changed the world of fashion, ”says Alberto Barbera, artistic director of La Mostra. Although others see it as the nth proof that the festival is willing to do everything as long as they talk about it: hug Netflix, invite Roman Polanski, let yourself be invaded by Hollywood. And now this.

It exposes everything, and yet people always want to know more

The documentary was presented, yes, in a section and a marginal room. But there was so much queue to access that more than half of the public was left out. Cinematographically, they didn't miss much: Amoruso films a fable. Once upon a time there was the girl who smiled in the amateur videos that she loved constantly filming mom, Marina di Guardo. The little girl grew up, became powerful and is now the queen of the Internet and fashion. The music accompanies the triumph story while her husband, her family, designers, experts, journalists and fans explain why Ferragni has achieved it. "If you really want something, you can do it, by yourself," she loves to repeat, as an invitation to all the young women who consider her a model.

Instead, Unposted omit the main controversy that has surrounded the businesswoman. For a Fedez birthday, he booked a supermarket just for them and their friends. They did everything and, of course, they filmed it. Also throw and waste food. Hence the networks will go through several days of allies to enemies. Another usual focus of attacks is exposure on-line of his son, Leone. But both she and Fedez resolved that there was no point in hiding the “prettiest” of their lives and that it would also save her an army of paparazzi in front of his house

In general, Ferragni receives hundreds of critical messages with virtually any post. Some only pour insults and machismo; others question the fundamentals of their lifestyle and their total exposure. In the documentary, she acknowledges that it hurt, but she already overcame it. During her pregnancy, she even dared to share on-line a problem with the placenta he suffered: he says it was to help other Internet users who carry similar weights.

In the absence of shadows, the film does serve to illuminate Ferragni's intimacy. If that exists: Fedez asked him to marry him during a concert, before thousands of people, in Verona. And when they prepare their wedding with their advisors, it seems that they are organizing, rather, the Oscar gala. In any case, the interviewed analysts celebrate the fact that it forced the fashion world to reluctantly open up to bloggers and that the overwhelming success of a young woman inspires thousands of girls to believe more in themselves. The film also shows work meetings, a meeting with Paris Hilton - it has air conditioning installed in the house for your dogs! - and goes through the stages of the rise of Ferragni. "She is the adopted daughter of Marina Abramovic and Big Brother," says one of the interviewees. And he adds: "It exposes everything, and still people always want to know more." At least, they have it easy: just look at Instagram every day.

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