August 8, 2020

What does Marta Sanz read in confinement? | Babelia

Confinement overwhelmed the launch of little red women (Anagram), the third installment of Marta Sanz’s novels starring Detective Zarco. The author (Madrid, 1967) resists confinement in her home, where she believes that “this is going to change everyone’s life.” “As a writer I feel invaded, I don’t have the ability to concentrate now to think about something other than the things that are happening outside my house, I don’t have the ability to encapsulate and save myself through writing thinking about other worlds and other lives. The pandemic is very invasive and not inspiring. When I write, I always look forward to having the windows open, the balconies open, and now I can’t escape, “he confesses.

Sanz talks about his book and recommends several readings:

– The invasion of the spirit people, by Juan Pablo Villalobos (Anagrama).

– The stranger, Olga Merino (Alfaguara).

– The dream of a common language, by Adrienne Rich (Sixth Floor).

– How I killed my father, by Sara Jaramillo (Narrow).

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