What does it mean to dream that you have the Christmas Lottery? - The province

It happens that, as the Christmas Lottery draw, we begin to dream that we have the Gordo. The first thing we should be clear about is that this It doesn't mean it will happen. What we can do is enjoy getting up, since we will have a pleasant feeling. However, the dream of being graced by Fat yes you can have other types of interpretations, such as the following:

According to the theories of Freud, these types of dreams can be associated with the idea of ​​being superior to others and having some envy. Other interpretations speak of a meaning related to need for money To boost our lives.

If we also dream that it has touched us the award to share with our friends or family, is that we are looking forward to Christmas to share time with them.

In case we dream that it has not touched us, we are likely to be disappointed with some personal or work issue. And if we dream that the tenth It has burned us, some theories point to the fact that they are going to give us back some money that they owe us.

Anyway, if in our dream we see the concrete numbers, the best we can do is go buy it, not to regret later. You never know €

In short, to dream that the Christmas lottery Our turn is a good symptom, wanting to be happy and wanting to improve our lives.

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