What do you think of the parental veto to complementary school activities? | Society

The parental veto, the obligation of educational centers to inform families of all complementary activities organized during school hours and approved by the cloister, giving parents The right to consent or not to each of the workshops through express authorizations has shaken the educational world. To the idea, championed by Vox, the PP address has been added and, in the Murcia case, the first community to apply it, also Citizens. Government has required to the autonomous Government the retreat of the measure because it considers that it violates the Organic Law of Education by invading "the pedagogical autonomy of the centers", and contradicting the provisions of article 27 of the Constitution, which states that education "shall have as its object the full development of the human personality in respect for democratic principles of coexistence and fundamental rights and freedoms ".

Participant in the EL PAÍS Education Forum and explain what you think of the parental veto for complementary activities. We will post here a selection of responses throughout the week.


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