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What do the publicity, the hearts, the hands and the flags on the electoral posters bring?

¿Qué aportan la publicidad, los corazones, las manos y las banderas en los carteles electorales?

The electoral posters they talk, they silence, they make up and they interpellate. The director of Master's Degree in Political and Institutional Communication of the BSM, the management school of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Toni Aira, analyzes the advertising messages, the hearts, the colors, the hands, the eyes and the flags of the main parties that attend the 28th in the general elections.

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Toni Aira believes that the PSOE is the most public of all, which plays more to the presidential figure: "The portrait in black and white that always brings a point more advertising, modernity. The Socialists have already done this campaign in their day with Carme Chacón. It gives elegance and above all timelessness. That black and white is as if it were a photograph of today, yesterday and always, an idea of ​​transmitting a long journey that also gives that presidential force ".

He points out that black and white also diffuses possible imperfections and also helps red to have a lot of presence without dominating the poster, in which the white background that transmits cleanliness and transparency wins.

The PSOE cuts the photo by the neck with what, according to Aira, you can guess that he wears a tie but who does not want to see a tie does not see it, therefore it is a presidential image and at the same time it can be informal and has a smile quiet and serene, which is not toothpaste ad and quiet look in front.

The political scientist also highlights the heart that appears next to one of the phrases on the "Make it happen" poster, an idea that the PSC has already used.

The PP, classic

From the photo of Pablo Casado he says that it gives an image of old, classic and "hyperconservative". Toni Aira emphasizes that the candidate, wears the shirt and tie with the colors of the party, his bust plane, almost photo ID card. The candidate has a dentifrice ad smile, is the perfect son-in-law figure and gives the feeling that a young person is getting years old. "He is a young candidate who tries to convey that he is older than he is. It is also the idea of ​​the slogan, 'safe value' with which the PP wants to relate its mandates to good economic management. There is a point of excusatio non petita, accusatio manifesto (excuse not requested, manifest accusation). If you have to sell a lot that this project is security maybe it is not so consolidated, "he stresses.

PP Poster by Pablo Casado with the slogan 'Safe Value'

PP Poster by Pablo Casado with the slogan 'Safe Value'

The detail of the new logo "in which the bird has mutated in a heart to the image of the logo of the popular Europeans by placing the Spanish flag in the style of what Citizens did in their day" catches our attention.

Football selection match announcementl

The Citizens' poster is _Aira_ says it's like a football match announcement with a lot of flag flying. "Albert Ribera dives into the Spanish flag and in a certain way emerges from there. It is like a human tide typical of a football stadium or a sporting celebration and in a Spanish key and of 'la roja' and the emergence and the mixture of red and yellow flags is drawn Citizen's orange.

Poster by Albert Rivera on a street in Madrid.

Poster by Albert Rivera on a street in Madrid.

Aira affirms that Rivera emerges from there as a comic or movie hero and walks to the heart of the movie. He is even clenching his jaw which shows in the photograph as that moment of contained emotion but also of expectation with what is going to happen.

"The 'Vamos' of the slogan recalls the shout of the tennis player Rafa Nadal, which is like a referential patriotic symbolism and also modern and young linked to the sport that always adds up," he adds.

Hide the candidate

In contrast, the personalism that still breathes the poster of Ciudadanos project centered on Rivera diffuses it a lot We can. "I believe that it is surely the most soulless poster with the image of raised hands and of some face that is seen by many people in demonstration as if trying to remember their origins in the protests or mobilization of the 15M and the indignant, betting again for the heart and making it clear that this is a legislature in which feminist discourse has gained a lot of weight, "says Toni Aira.

We can bet on your electoral poster to give all the protagonism to the people

We can bet on your electoral poster to give all the protagonism to the people
(We can)

From the heart of Podemos highlights the different layers that in his opinion remember those circles with what they started to look for a connection with the base that the direction has surely lost by an excess of protagonisms or divismos and the confrontation between the leader Pablo Iglesias and Íñigo Errejón . "He already had enough problems Iglesias with the poster of Vuelve after his paternity leave, now hides the candidate to say that the project is still collective."

Looking to the horizon

For Aira, the VOX sign in which the flags of Spain impregnate the letters VOX from top to bottom and 'for Spain' reveal the wild card response that the leaders of that formation is good for everything. "Many times when Santiago Abascal is asked about specific things he does not answer, he ends up with a Viva España that raises applause from his people.

Posters Vox uses for general elections

Posters Vox uses for general elections

"The flag wraps them up and down, he looks at the horizon with that look of the inspirer who is looking for a better future, dyed green that is the corporate color that accompanies them. With that look to the horizon, with that look like hopeful also recalls that green hope of a more Spanish Spain. In addition they put the point, which is not usual ".

The strength of the prisoners

The sign of Junts per Catalunya the message with the slogan 'Tu ets la nostra força. You are the nostra veu '(You are our strength, you are our voice force) reflects, in Aira's opinion, the strength of those who are in prison.

Posters of Junts per Catalunya for the elections

Posters of Junts per Catalunya for the elections

"In the posters to Josep Rull, Jordi Turull and Jorde Sánchez are accompanied by the yellow background that when you put the logo with the four bars is in that senyera that envelops and yellow freedom claim of political prisoners and exiles " "When he says 'you are our voice' with a picture of Laura Borrás on a white background, like a canvas that is trying to write what the others can not. She is the only one who has a photo that they have taken specific to the campaign. "

The photos of Turull, Rull and Sánchez are from his last moments in freedom. Sanchez is doing the ok symbol and smiling and Turull and Rull hug each other for encouragement. Laura Borràs will be the voice that conveys convictions "says Aira.

Esquerra posters for the elections

Esquerra posters for the elections

The ERC, meanwhile try to say that these elections they have not gone to have a representation in Madrid but to claim freedom. They put in the photos of Oriol Junqueras, Raúl Romeva and Gabriel Rufían a yellow strip that covers their mouths and where this phrase from Va de llibertat '(Goes to freedom') emerges with what they mean they do not show up for win a few seats but to claim that if you have a good result will affect the freedom of political prisoners.

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