Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

What do the parties propose in pensions?

What do the parties propose in pensions?


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- Elimination of the revaluation index, update pensions according to the CPI and cancel the Sustainability Factor.

- Raise minimum, widow's and non-contributory pensions.

- Do not pay with contributions money, reductions of fees and flat rates, and Social Security management expenses.

- Increase of income with creation of quality employment.


- Open to negotiate formulas to raise pensions more, but not limited only to the CPI.

- Retirees with housing or premises who want to sell it to supplement their pension will not pay.

- The widows and orphans will be paid in full with taxes.

- Free the pension system of 1,800 million corresponding to administrative management.

- The contribution of the pension will be calculated with the whole working life, instead of with the last 25 years.


- Retirement age at 65 years old.

- Link pensions to the CPI.

- Take measures against population aging and low birth rates.

- Ensure more revenue for the public system by curbing precariousness in the labor market.

We can

- Shield pensions as a matter of State.

- That the workers can decide the years that count to fix their pension.

- Increase in the amount of the lowest pensions.

- Legal age of retirement at 65, but those workers who reach the 35 years listed may retire from 61.

- The financing of Social Security will be charged to the Budget when social contributions do not reach.


- Propose a pension system with a mixed model of capitalization, whereby the pension would be set at 50% with individual savings accounts for half the salary and 50% would be paid by the State.

- Those under 25 years of age would have the obligation to benefit from the new mixed system, those between 25 and 45 years old could choose and those over 45 would continue within the current pension system


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