June 21, 2021

What do others' vaccines matter? | Science

What do others' vaccines matter? | Science

Measles, a disease that modern medicine has already eliminated in America and much of Europe, is reappearing in lethal outbreaks. And the reason is that there are groups of people without vaccinating. Sometimes it is because they do not have access to the vaccine, but more often it is because they are uninformed and voluntarily reject it. Although the vaccines they are effective and safeSome believe that they are not.

Vaccination is a personal decision, but one that has consequences for the entire population. Each immunization affects all people in the community, and therefore the one who can get vaccinated has a moral responsibility towards other citizens to do so. The explanation lies in the epidemiological concept of group immunity.

In this video of Darwin, I need you, the scientific series of Matter Y THE VIDEO COUNTRY that separates the myths from reality, explains the pattern of transmission of viral infections to clarify how the population affects the individual rejection of immunization. Vaccines suffer their own success, since the fear of many vaccine diseases has been lost, and group immunity is broken when everyone does not participate.


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