“What destroyed the PP in Madrid was corruption”

The general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, has responded this Monday to the former president of the Community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, who pointed out this Sunday in an interview with “some chiquilicuatres who have Genoa behind and Almeida “as responsible for the public fight for the control of the PP in Madrid and that confronts the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, with the state leadership of Pablo Casado. Ayuso has also closed the door to his pretense of advancing the conclave to celebrate “soon”.

Ayuso asks to have control of the PP in Madrid to revalidate "Aguirre's successes"

Ayuso asks to have control of the PP in Madrid to revalidate “Aguirre’s successes”

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Asked about the possibility that the PP regional congress to elect the new leadership be postponed to 2022, and over whose control the state PP and Isabel Díaz Ayuso face, Aguirre told The world: “They have to celebrate it as soon as possible. My opinion is that Almeida is not going to show up. And what he says is that those from Genoa are pushing him. It may be true, because some chiquilicuatres that they have Genoa behind and [José Luis Martínez] Almeida is what they are saying. ”

It was not the only insult that came from Aguirre’s mouth against the current leadership of the state PP, in which the mayor of Madrid occupies the important position of state spokesman. “In the Almeida sector there are some kids headed by a boy whose name I do not want to remember,” he said, despite having good words for the one who returned the Madrid baton to the PP and that she herself could not retain in 2015.

Casado’s ‘number two’ responded this Monday at a press conference held after the usual Steering Committee meeting, which has been overwhelmed by the internal crisis in the party. “I agree with Aguirre that what destroyed the PP in Madrid was corruption and it is something that we are never going to allow,” said García Egea.

In the interview with The worldAguirre once again removed herself from the equation of the generalized corruption that existed in a party that she led from the time she became president of the Autonomous Community until the end of her political career, in 2016. “When a crime is judicially proven and there is a conviction, I will remove the presumption of innocence from Francisco Granados and Ignacio González. Meanwhile, no, “he said. “I am very hurt with González because his brother told the judge that he had received 400,000 euros from an award. That seems horrible to me, unpresentable. That is why I have not spoken with González more,” he added, to limit his responsibility in watching: “I am not a police officer.”

García Egea has assured that “he will soon invite” the former leader to the Genoa headquarters because, he has slipped, he speaks without information: “He must come a little here to see that there are people working.”

The secretary general has also rejected Ayuso’s request to advance the PP congress in Madrid to celebrate it “soon”. García Egea recalled that the PP Steering Committee decided that the regional congresses in the uniprovincial autonomies would be held in the first half of 2022. “When it arrives, it will be done,” he concluded.


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