June 23, 2021

What chat is used where WhatsApp is not used – La Provincia

Possibly at this point you usually use your almost daily activities for yourmobile phone. Nowadays everyone already has one in their pocket and thanks to it we can make purchases, consult any information, orient ourselves in more complete and perfect maps, manage our finances and even replace television to watch your favorite movies and series .

However, among all the uses that are given to the ‘smartphones‘highlights one above all, interpersonal communication. Thanks to the messaging applications, we can all be in contact with our loved ones, be physically more or less close, so that mobile technology has been a real revolution in terms of conversation modes.

As far as this utility is concerned, the most popular application in the world isWhatsApp. Owned by Facebook, its introduction and popularization has been an unprecedented phenomenon and has almost universalized in personal and professional conversations.

However, not worldwide this is the majority conversation application. There are areas where there are other more common and frequent utilities in users’ phones. Of themore than 200 countries in the world, WhatsApp is leading in 137. But what about the rest?

Facebook Messenger

Although it shares owner with WhatsApp, its use is slightly different, and in some countries (more than 70) it is the most used instant messaging application. It stands out especially in areas likeUnited States and Canada,In addition to Australia, New Zealand or North Africa.

In European territory, Facebook chat stands out inPortugal, where it is also more used than WhatsApp, in addition to other countries such as Scandinavians, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland or Romania.


In Eastern Europe there are still areas likeUkraine, Moldova and Belarusin which this application of Israeli origin predominates and bought years ago by the Japanese Rakuten.

It is true that in recent years this platform has lost weight, going from less than five years of being a majority in fifteen countries to remain only in seven. However, there are still markets in which it remains strongly as the undisputed leader.


This application, not too well known internationally, has certain markets in which it penetrated strongly, even imposing itself. Today it is the majority in territories as diverse asTurkmenistan and Ethiopia.

In addition, it has been accepted in some small areas of China and in other countries such asCuba, where it was imposed for a while for its ease of use in non-mobile phones and for being a leader in video calls, although today it has already been surpassed by Facebook Messenger in the Caribbean country.


This fast Japanese application became a revolution in the Japanese country, butit has cost much more to consolidate its international expansion,Although he tried to break into Europe and the United States years ago.

Currently, Line is only the majority chat app inJapan, Thailand and Taiwan,being an important actor in the Asian market, but increasingly secondary in the rest of the globe.


Created expressly for the limitedchinese market, is the great dominator in this country due to the prohibition of use of the majority of its competitors by the Government, which still tries to control communications as much as possible.

Outside of China isvirtually irrelevant, although it is increasingly extended, in part by tourists who, when entering that country, should forget about the more traditional applications and install this to overcome the vetoes.


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