"What Casado has said about the coup d'état is what the vast majority of Spaniards think"

"What Casado has said about the coup d'état is what the vast majority of Spaniards think"

"The judges have said that these gentlemen should be in preventive detention and what is being judged at this moment is a blow against the State, therefore, what Mr. Casado said is what the vast majority of Spaniards think", García Egea has manifested in the corridors of the Congress.

In his speech before the House of Congress, Casado has recriminated the head of the executive to go to Congress to talk about 'Brexit' and argue that "segregation is not possible" when "is sitting on the blue bench thanks to the votes of the independence movement "Do not you realize that he is a participant and responsible for the coup d'état that is being perpetrated right now in Spain?" He said.

Speaking in the halls of Congress, Garcia Egea has said that these pro-independence politicians "are in preventive detention by decision of the judges" and "to alter the constitutional order." "That, in the street, what people say is that it is a coup d'état", has abounded.

The 'number two' of the popular has pointed out that Casado has made an intervention by the President of the Government before the House Plenary and added that "there was no other (president) in the Chamber with that size during today."


Sources of the leadership of the PP have put in value "the authenticity" of the speech of Casado and have remembered that it has raised the rostrum without papers. In his opinion, he has given a "review" to Pedro Sánchez and has excited and excited the "popular" caucus.

Likewise, the same sources have emphasized the "fresh" discourse that Casado has made against the leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera. "The cool to Cs is over. Your gracietas already sound outdated," a 'popular' leader has summed up.


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