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It has happened to all of us that while away from home we have run out of cell phone battery. Result: off or out of coverage. The solution, if we wanted to be in communication, detach ourselves from our mobile phone for a few long hours and leave it charging inside the bar counter or go home and spend hours looking at the lines of the battery until it was complete again. Today, fast charging is one of the most important features of a smartphone.

Things to do in 30 minutes

In a seen and unseen, a smartphone with fast charging you will have a full battery. Do not get lost too much because in that time you will only have time to see a chapter of the series that you are following or what is more difficult, decide what you are going to see on any of the platforms of streaming to which you are subscribed. You can also take advantage while connected to prepare dinner, take a shower and get ready or make a table of fullbody at home.

The smartphones with this functionality they adapt to current times, in which we are forced to optimize time to the maximum. And in this context, any tool that helps us to do so will be contributing to our well-being.

Fast charging is telling us that the battery can fill up faster than normal. This saves us time and money. Until recently, you had to sleep for a whole night while your mobile was charging. Now it is no longer necessary. An example of this is Honor 50 which, after a year as an independent company, has landed with this model in the Spanish market to become the great ally of the public. And it is that, in terms of battery capacity and charge, Honor 50 comes equipped with an “almost” infinite battery. Its 4300mAh capacity allows you to talk on the phone for more than 30 hours. The one of things that it gives to speak in that time! But, in addition, with the charger included in the pack, you can charge 70% of the battery in just 20 minutes. And 100% of your battery in just over half an hour.

The multi-recording revolution

Its long-lasting battery will allow us to get the most out of one of the star functions: multi-recording. Honor 50 will allow you to record simultaneously with the front and rear camera. You can record a moment that you want to keep for the memory and your reaction to such an event. A request for a hand? Gift delivery? Your face while they recite a poem to you, do they tell you a secret or a joke? Its 108 Mpx camera has come to revolutionize the creation of content from mobile phones. In addition, it will allow you to create and edit videos like never before.

What does Honor 50 have?

Design. Quadruple curvature, ergonomic and very comfortable. It is incredibly light, only weighs 175g and with a curved OLED screen of 1.07 billion colors, which will avoid the staggering of colors when we are watching any type of video.

Storage. Equipped with 256GB of internal memory and 8 GB of RAM, so you will have plenty of space for your photos, your videos and your apps. There will also be a 128 / 6GB version.

Processors Qualcomm: the Snapdragon 778G. This allows Honor 50 to be a 5G Dual Sim device with excellent Wi-Fi 6 coverage. You will be able to download and install any application available for Android.

Camera. The main one has 108 Mpx and multi-recording functionality, which allows you to simultaneously record your most beloved memory and the reaction it provokes in you.

You can buy Honor 50 in his store on-line, HiHonor.

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