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What can those affected by the strike of Air Nostrum claim?

What can those affected by the strike of Air Nostrum claim?

The pilots of Air Nostrum they have summoned stoppages of 24 hours between today on Wednesday and the next days 22, 23 and 24 April. Mobilizations this week will affect about 10,000 Travellers that, as the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) recalls, they are entitled to assistance and reimbursement or alternative transportation to their final destination.

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As for the compensations, AESA continues, the cancellations of flights due to a strike by the company's personnel is not considered an extraordinary circumstance, so The airline is obliged to pay compensations for the cancellation of the flight, if it has not complied with some requirements related to the notice time of the cancellation and alternative transport proposal with certain conditions. These, depending on the distance of the canceled flight, will range between 125 and 600 euros.

Right to information and assistance

Passengers have the right to information. To do this, the airline must give them a form to know the rights that assist them. The passage also has the right of attention, that is, the airline has to give them enough food and drink, they have the right to make two phone calls or access to e-mail and, if necessary, one or more nights of accommodation, as well as to transportation between the airport and the place of accommodation. This assistance has to be paid directly by the airline, can not ask the passenger to pay it and then claims the company for reimbursement of expenses.

Ticket reimbursement or alternative transportation available

In case of cancellation, the passenger has the right to choose between the refund of the ticket or that the company provides an alternative transport to the final destination as quickly as possible. In case of choosing alternative transport, the company should look for the fastest option. Therefore, you can not only offer seats on your own flights, or one or more days later, if there are places available at other companies on the same day. The alternative transport is to the final destination and it is the responsibility of the company to pay for it, so it can not ask the passenger to advance the cost of such transport.

Delayed Flights

If the flight instead of being canceled is delayed two or more hours in its departure due to the strike, passengers have the right to information and right to assistance, although this is conditioned to a series of temporary limits based on the distance of the flight. Delays in arrivals can be claimed when arriving at the final destination three or more hours after the arrival initially planned by the airline. In that case, the passenger may be entitled to compensation identical to that which would correspond to him in case of cancellation of a flight. If the delay is of 5 hours or more in departure, the passenger has the right to receive the refund of the ticket in case he no longer wishes to travel. The passenger must bear in mind that, in case of delay and opt for reimbursement and therefore not travel, he will no longer be entitled to receive financial compensation for the flight delay of more than three hours at the final destination.

Cases in which the company can be exempted from paying compensation

The airline will be exempted from the compensation payment if, in the event of cancellation of the flight, it informed the passenger at least two weeks prior to the scheduled departure time, or between two weeks and 7 days in advance. offered an alternative transportation that allows them to leave with no more than 2 hours in advance regarding the scheduled departure time and arrive at their final destination less than 4 hours late compared to the scheduled arrival time, or if they informed the passenger of the cancellation with less than 7 days in advance and offered them a flight that allows them to leave with no more than one hour in advance regarding the scheduled departure time and arrive at their destination less than two hours late compared to the time of departure. Expected arrival.

Claim rights

In case you consider that the company has not respected your rights, you must claim it. If you do not agree with your answer, you can submit a claim, completely free of charge, to AESA


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