August 14, 2020

What can I do in my neighborhood community?

The COVID-19 prevention measures indicated by the College of Property Administrators of the Community of Madrid They include going one by one in the elevator; closed areas and common areas; reduce the delivery or collection of parcels to a minimum; permanence of the custodians within their sentry boxes, extreme cleaning of sensitive areas and suspension of all meetings, among others.

The permanence of children at home has caused altercations in more than one building residence, especially those where there are common playgrounds for children, since some mothers continue to go down with their children to enjoy leisure. The janitors, who must be kept in their sentry boxes as long as possible, are being forced to ask them to go home, which on more than one occasion has ended with brawls. In these cases, from the College of Property Administrators it is recommended to call the Local Police.

The triptych distributed by the property managers includes a dozen measures to be followed, not only by neighbors, but also by farm employees: janitors, doormen, cleaners, security guards or maintenance personnel.

The first is the basic one of maintaining minimum contact distance of one meter or more among people who transit in common areas: portals and stairs.

From here there are eleven things that we all must meet:

one-Individual use of the elevator. Avoid contact with other neighbors.

2-Close all areas and common spaces that can only be accessed by maintenance and cleaning personnel: changing rooms, playgrounds, saunas, sports fields, gardens; outdoor recreation areas; common rooms and any common space, which must all be closed.

3-Reduce to minimum essential use of parcel services and orders that require home delivery.

4-Suspend ordinary or extraordinary government meetings. as well as any planned neighbors meetings.

5-The janitors and porters must be within their sentry boxes and outside of their functions, they must attend to only urgent matters.

6-In daily cleaning, masks and gloves will be used and extreme hygiene in the most sensitive areas: access doors; keypads; elevators; automatic doormen; video door phones; stair handrails and others.

7-The garbage collection will continue with the established times and days until further instructions are received from the competent municipal authorities.

8-The work in progress, both private and community can continue until further order from the competent authorities.

9-The custodians will use the early hours of the day to carry out daily tasks, going out to give a round of control and surveillance from time to time.

10- Neighbors are requested maximum compliance and respect for the rules in each of the buildings that make up the farm.

11- In a place visible to everyone, place both health recommendations and mandatory preventive measures for residents, business customers or tourists if they are tourist homes.


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