What can be claimed after cancellation of flights to Italy?

The airlines, obliged to return the ticket price

The Government has just announced the cancellation of flights between Spain and Italy from 00 hours on March 11 as a result of the coronavirus, a measure that will be in effect for two weeks and that will affect thousands of travelers in our country. Once this decision is made, what can those affected by this suspension claim?

Since reclamador.es explain that travelers affected by the government decision are entitled to all the affected airlines reimburse them the price of the ticket. As for the rest of the expenses that may arise, "they will not be claimed because it is a case of force majeure, except for the accommodation that the passenger is forced to use to spend the night in a hotel near the airport and the transfers to it, always and only in the cases of passengers who are outside their habitual domicile ”, they explain.

In reclamador.es advise all those passengers affected by this measure do not cancel their flights and always wait for the airline to contact them, since, following this decision of the Government, they should be notified of flight cancellations in the coming days.


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