July 14, 2020

What Bale thinks about the Bernabéu pitos and the controversial “Wales, golf, Real Madrid” flag

The soccer player assures that they aspire to win all the titles

Gareth Bale, Real Madrid footballer, said, regarding the pitos he has endured in his last games with the white shirt, that the Santiago Bernabéu is the best place to receive them and that when he starts doing better, they will stop.

"The first time it happens is a bit disconcerting," Bale said of the famous whistles in an interview with the British chain BT Sport. "I didn't know how to deal with it, but as I got older, it has happened ever more and you understand how you have to deal with it. (The Bernabéu) is the best place to get kicked if you don't do it well," he explained. .

"Obviously I have to keep working and show the fans what I can do. In the end the whistles will stop and you can continue with your career."

Regarding the season at Real Madrid, Bale was questioned about the situation of the team in the Champions League, where they have passed to the round of 16 as group seconds behind Paris Saint Germain. “The goal every year here is to win all the trophies we aspire to. Other times we have finished second of groups and in the end we have ended up winning the Champions League, so I think it does not make the difference so much, ”he said. About the incident of the flag of Wales with the motto “Wales. Golf. Real Madrid. In that order, ”Bale said he understands that it was a controversial situation, but that he will always give 100% play with his team or with Real Madrid.

Cardiff's also referred to the recent incorporation of José Mourinho to his former club, Tottenham Hotspur a few weeks ago. “It's a blow on the table for the club. It is a winner. Tottenham wants to win trophies and I don't think there is a better partner than Mourinho to do it, ”he concluded.

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