Wed. Jul 17th, 2019

What are you willing to give up to achieve your dreams?

The dramas and the comedies go hand in hand this weekend among the novelties that land on the card. Among the different proposals stand out The tale of the weasels, comedy of black humor of Juan José Campanella, the musical drama Wild rose or the romance with dark side that Virginie Efira stars in An impossible love. But the thriller also has its space Serenity, with Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway and the terror of the new delivery of the Annabelle doll. We review all the premieres of this Friday, July 12:

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Wild rose

Tom Harper directed Jessie Buckley in a small role in the television miniseries War and peace and has returned to count on her for a role only suitable for thoroughbred interpreters. And the Irish, who has jumped to stardom for her character Lyudmilla Ignatenko in the hit HBO series Chernobyl, is the real engine of a film that puts the spotlight on the dreams of a young girl from a working class neighborhood of Glasgow, with two small children and who has spent a whole year in prison, to become the new sensation of country. Her Rose-Lynn Harlan is a daring, fun and irresponsible twentieswoman for whom country is everything: those three chords and the truth that she has tattooed on her arm push her to fight for her desires of triumph in the world of music. It is the only thing that is good and therefore does not resist giving up in order to become the new Dolly Parton.

Jessie Buckley in a scene from 'Wild rose'

Jessie Buckley in a scene from 'Wild rose'
(Neon / AP)

Her children, whom she had before 18, are strangers who have been taking care of her devoted mother (magnificent Julie Walters) until she returns home from her stay behind bars. The tension between mother and daughter regarding the concept of responsibility is felt in a home without a male head. And then the big question arises: will he settle his head and look for a stable job to take care of his offspring or will he give up everything to reach Nashville, the cradle of country, with the aim of fulfilling his dreams ?.

That wild rose to which the title alludes would not be the same without the magnetic presence of Buckley, who surrenders body and soul with an exquisite naturalness in the mission of shaping a being full of energy, at times indomitable, who must write his own song with all the wind against. And in that path not exempt of thorns that drinks in a certain way from the cinema of social thematic so characteristic of Ken Loach, the story of Rose-Lynn is debated in the difficult tessitura of choosing between family or success. The actress demonstrates her talent as a great singer in a film of simple and predictable appearance that in the hands of Harper and the female lead character rises to a vibrant and touching experience. Pure show.


The tale of the weasels

The Argentine Juan José Campanella gives us his own version of The boys from before did not use arsenic (1976) in this film full of delicious dialogues and intelligent black humor that tells the story of a beautiful star of the golden age of cinema, an actor in the twilight of his life, a frustrated film writer and an old director who do the impossible to preserve the world they have created in an old mansion before the arrival of two young people who present a threat. The cast is formed by Graciela Borges, Oscar Martinez, Luis Brandoni, Clara Lago, Marcos Mundstock and Nicolás Francella.


An impossible love

the Belgian actress Virginie Efira is Rachel, a twenty-year-old typist and Jewess who falls in love with a bourgeois appeal who plays with her feelings by refusing to marry her because of her social status, even when she becomes pregnant. Catherine Corsini directs this story about a poisoned love passion based on the autobiographical novel by Christine Angot.


Annabelle returns home

The film's most terrifying doll returns in a third installment to terrorize the marriage formed by the demonologists Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) who, willing to avoid their havoc at all costs, keep it in a showcase blessed by a priest. What they do not suspect is that Annabelle will do everything possible to awaken the evil spirits.



Powerful documentary in which Eloy Domínguez Serén portrays a group of friends who live in a refugee camp in the Sahara and who use the power of creativity and fun to denounce the reality that surrounds them.


An accidental studio

In addition to being one of the components of the Beatles, George Harrison developed a facet as a film producer with HandMade Films that the documentary An accidental studio Rescue and review accurately over a little over two hours with the testimonies of filmmakers and well-known actors. Among the achievements of the producer highlights Brian's life, the mythical movie of the Monthy Python.


Life without Sara Amat

The actress and coach Laura Jou was made at the BCN Film Fest with the audience award for the best Catalan film and the critics ACCEC with her debut film Life without Sara Amat, adaptation of Pep Puig's adolescent novel that follows a boy completely in love with a girl from his grandparents' village. This disappears one summer night without a trace and appears in the room of Pep, who from that moment will lead a double life to hide it and satisfy their desires.


The never seen

After The open door, Marina Seresesky again has Carmen Machi in this comedy in which the actress is part of a small village practically uninhabited that receives the unexpected visit of a group of Africans who intend to stay in Spain. The film deals with the issue of immigration without prejudice, with music, dance and humor.



Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway star in this Steven Knight thriller that combines drama and intrigue to draw the story of a captain of a fishing boat whose quiet existence is assaulted by the appearance of his ex-wife.


The engaged princess

The wonderful tale directed by Rob Reiner and released in 1987 returns to the big screen with restored image to show that adventure films and true love are more alive than ever. Based on a romantic fantasy novel published in 1973 by the American writer William Goldman, the story starred by some very young Robin Wright and Cary Elwess in the skins of Buttercup and Westley combines elements of adventure, fantasy, romance, fairy tale and humor. The revenge is served by the hand of Mandy Patinkin, whose character was the author of the most unforgettable phrase of the film: "Hello, my name is Iñigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to die"



The Catalan Jordi Arencón criticizes the extreme cult to beauty with this absurd comedy about two car drivers who get lost during a competition and discover the Center for the Technification of Beauty, an establishment that seeks to perfect the physique.


Super 30

From India comes this story based on real events about the life of the mathematical genius Anand Kumar, a young man who decided to help children from disadvantaged families in the interior of the country who dreamed of an education. Kumar undertook the Super 30 educational program in which he trained children for the entrance examination to the Institute of Technology of India (IITs), in addition to providing them with food and lodging.


What a Lion (A Crazy Pod)

The Puerto Rican singer and actor Ozuna stars in this romantic comedy with Clarissa Molina in which they give life to two young people from different classes whose parents join forces to separate them.


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