What are we going to read in the fall?

This fall is full of literary news. Stories that will overwhelm bookstores and make more than one passionate reader satisfied. There is something for everyone and here I talk about the most outstanding and expected by lovers of good books.

At the end of August two titles very desired by the readers appeared. First, the Millennium saga came to an end, at least from the hand of the new author who was responsible for continuing after the sudden death of Stieg Larsson. With “The girl who lived twice” (sixth installment of the saga and third signed by David Lagercrantz) the end of the adventures of Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist was proclaimed. This closes a series that has sold more than 100 million books worldwide, at least for now.

On the other hand, and changing gender, the best-selling Catalan author Ildefonos Falcones I was returning to the bookstores with "The soul painter" looking to repeat the success of "The cathedral of the sea". In this case we get into a story of love, passion for art, social revolts and revenge in modernist Barcelona.

Without changing gender, and in the section on historical adventures, highlights the return of the great Arturo Pérez-Reverte that publishes "SIDI" In mid-September, narrating the adventure of a warrior who, forced into exile, rides to find life with a host that respects and follows him. His character and his weapons will make him a true living legend. The good thing is that Reverte never disappoints.

In the section of black and police novel Amaia Salazar returns from the hand of Dolores Round. After the success of the Baztán Trilogy, the author recovers the character who launched her to success, a few years before the events in Bazatán, on an adventure through the United States to pursue a ruthless serial killer. "The north face of the heart" It will arrive at the bookstores on October 1st. In this section, we must highlight the return of another policeman, who has been solving crimes for a few years. Norwegian Jo Nesbø will introduce us to "Knife" (October 17) the twelfth adventure of the great Harry Hole, the wildest and most intense. The final hunt has begun, although it is not clear who the prey is.

Readers should not miss the return of Margaret Atwood, who decides to recover the characters from "The Maid's Tale", introducing us "The wills" (already in bookstores) that puts us 15 years after the first story, an impressive sequel that manages to mix the suspense and ingenuity triumphantly. Irresistible.

Also on these dates return two tireless authors of success. On the one hand, Stephen King it show us "The Institute" (already in bookstores), reminding us of the best successes of the author, dealing with such dark topics that today's headlines cover and that make us fear for our future. On the other hand, the spy novel legend, John le Carré, come back with “A decent man” (October 22), a story that will intermingle current politics and espionage so that only Carré is capable of doing.

Other returns that nobody should miss is the Nobel Prize, Mario Vargas Llosa, what with “Hard times” (October 8), presents a new fiction novel that tells us about political conspiracies and interests found during the Cold War. A lie that really happened and changed the future of Latin America. Following with the laureate authors, Eduardo Mendoza, the Cervantes Prize of 2016, presents us “The negotiated yin and yang” (October 29), new adventures of Rufo Battle and his picturesque alliance with Prince Tukuulo.

Fiction aside, we can highlight two books that will be discussed in the coming months. On the one hand, the former CIA agent, Edward Snowden, break your silence in “Permanent surveillance” to tell us in more than 400 pages how he helped build a system of mass surveillance and the crisis of conscience that led him to uncover everything and put the system in check. On the other hand, after the brutal fire happened last April, Ken Follett he felt compelled to write "Notre-Dame" (November 7) after contemplating how the flames devoured one of the icons of France and our history.

Finally, special and brief mention deserve some books that many readers expect and will surely enjoy as well. "The beat of the earth" from Gabás light (already in bookstores), “Elisha's diary. Troy Horse" from J.J. Benitez (October 8), "Black Wolf" from Juan Gomez-Jury (October 24th), "This storm" from James Ellroy (already in bookstores), “In full light” from J.R. Moehringer (October 7) are just some of the titles that will mark the next dates and that of course we can not miss.

In short, we need more than 24 hours a day to be able to do everything, but you can always find a time to pick up a good book and not drop it. Of course, of those who have spoken to you here, they deserve it.

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