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On June 1, the new electric bill. Millions of Spaniards will have to condition their domestic work on the new time sections imposed by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge.

Hereinafter, put a washer or drying your hair will be more expensive at rush hour (for example, at 12 in the morning), than doing it at 11 at night (flat time). Now it becomes more important the when is consumed than the how much.

In this way, the objective is to transfer electricity consumption as much as possible to the off-peak hours, which comprise from 12 at night to 8 in the morning and on weekends, in order that the electricity bill
don't shoot.

The problem is that with these hours it is difficult to vacuum the vacuum cleaner at dawn and it will be necessary to do it on weekends to make it cheaper. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account which appliances consume the most energy at home.

The appliances that consume the most: refrigerator, washing machine, dryer ...

In the electricity bill, a large part of the consumption has to do with household appliances. Endesa estimates that a 55% are taken by these devices, so it will be necessary to be careful with its consumption. The IDAE energy guide, dependent on the Ministry of Teresa Ribera, reveals some aspects about the use of these devices.

One of the most energy consuming appliances is the fridge. To avoid consuming a lot of light, it is best to avoid leaving it open for a long time or checking that the door has been closed properly. Other aspects are to choose well according to the efficient labeling, clean the back well once a year and not introduce hot elements because it will use more energy to cool.

Like the fridge, the washing-machine it also throws a lot of light. To avoid overloading the bill too much, short programs and cold washes should be used whenever possible. Also, you can buy a thermo-efficient washing machine that will take less time to heat the water.

The oven It is another of the great consumptions that are carried for the electricity bill. To avoid its large consumption, it is necessary to avoid preheating it for cooking for more than one hour; Do not open the appliance door to check food continuously and for a long time, as well as turn it off prematurely to take advantage of residual heat.

The dishwasher It is another of the expenses that can affect the bill, although in some occasions it can be more efficient than hand washing due to the cost of water. Of course, for this you have to fill it completely. To obtain the best performance it is best to clean the filters and replace the rinse aid and the room.

Finally, there is the television, which after the refrigerator is one of the most expensive appliances in the house. The screens that consume the least are LEDs. In addition, it is necessary to consider never leaving the television in "stand by" mode, always turning it off completely so that it does not consume.

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