What are the chances that the 'Gordo' will play ?, Lotera Navidad 2018

What are the chances that the 'Gordo' will play ?, Lotera Navidad 2018

There is a very low probability of winning a prize in theChristmas lottery 2018. It takes a lot of luck for you to touch the 'Fat'in the draw of December 22. According to Miguel Crdoba Bueno, professor of applied mathematics at the CEU San Pablo University,the possibilities are reduced to 5%.On the other hand, the odds of leaving without a draw are 86%.

In theChristmas lotterythere is not evenugly numbersnot nice, not tricks that are worth, anyone can leave. The illusion of winning the 'Gordo' is great among the players, but the possibilities are remote. In this case, the optionsthey are 0.00001% (1 in 100,000).

"Everyone is free to have their beliefsbut scientifically they are 100,000 equal balls, with the same possibilities of leaving each one of them, and it is one in one hundred thousand (the 'Gordo'), "says Good Crdoba.

Therefore, there are many who are content to recover the money played in theChristmas raffle. In this case there9% chancethat I touch the refund.

The possibilities, however,they grow in the Lotera del Nio(7.82%). The draw for January 6 triples the amount allocated to withdrawals. 37,812 numbers among the 100,000 in each series get a prize (almost 38%), while 62,188 numbers fail.

Unlike the previous, in theChristmas lotteryonly 13,334 numbers among 85,000 are awarded (less than 16%) and 71,666 numbers get nothing.


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