What are Pele Hair and how are they formed in the La Palma volcano?

The La Palma volcano It does not cease to surprise the scientists who are on the Isla Bonita conducting different studies related to the volcanic eruption.

One of the materials that experts examine these days are the so-called Pele Hair. What are these little hair-sized elements and how are they formed?

When it is very windy, it can stretch the pyroclasts so much that there is a “spinning” effect, explains the volcanologist Inés Galindo in the video that accompanies this information. It happens that the air “spins the lava and takes out fragments of very stretched pyroclasts” to the point that sometimes they form hair-sized filaments, which are called Pele’s Horse, in honor of the goddess of volcanoes in mythology. Hawaiian.

These are strands of basalt glass less than 0.5 millimeters in diameter.


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