What application to choose when buying and selling second-hand items? - The province

One in four Internet users useapps to buy, sell or rent second-hand products. This is clear from the CNMC Household Panel of the second quarter of 2019, which takes the pulse of the use of collaborative economy websites and applications, which were used by 26% of regular Internet users.

Among the main reasons, Internet users emphasize thatoffer a more advantageous priceand that these platforms best fit your needs and schedules. In addition, almost half that users who use it (47.9%) acknowledge beingsatisfied or very satisfied(14.9%) with their services.

That is why more and more people decide to take the step and register in one of these second-hand applications, a sector that currently lives a golden age. This practice has gained special relevance in recent years with theirruption of new technologies, which facilitate and expedite the process, and with the rise of the circular economy, with the objective of collaborating with the environment.

But,Which application is the most appropriate?It is important to attend to the object, the method of sale and payment facilities. Here are the most important:


Wallapop was born in 2013 and has become theusers favorite. Although you can buy and sell endless products, those who opt for this application do so to acquireelectronic devices, furniture or top brand items, as well as to offer its services.

One of its biggest advantages is the sales method, since you can stay in person to carry out the operation or carry it out through the Post Office:It is only necessary to prepare the package, take it to your nearest office and submit the shipping code. Through this option, sellers who are located in more remote populations or with less population, have more opportunities to do business.

Regarding their disadvantages, Wallapop users cannot send photos through chat, which makes communication between buyers and sellers difficult.


This app of Lithuanian origin has awide user communityThey are constantly climbing used clothes. We say garments because the objects offered on the platform are mostly clothes and accessories.

Among its advantages, unlike Wallapop, theapp allows you to send photos through chatand send to other countries, greatly expanding the radius of influence.

Its biggest disadvantage is that it applies commissions. For the seller the service is free; Nevertheless,The buyer must pay an extra 5% of the price of the itemand a fixed rate of 0.70 euros for each purchase, in addition to assuming the cost of shipping costs, which is usually done by Punto Pack.


The old web Segundamano changed its name a few years agotransforming into Vibbo, with the aim of attracting millennials. It is another of the most used applications to buy and sell all kinds of used objects: from cars, through electronic devices, to clothes.

In this case, the platformallows you to publish ads at no cost to the buyer or the sellerand can be done by hand or sent by parcel. It also lets you know if the other user is online, if your messages have been read and send and receive photos through the chat.

In addition, one of its greatest advantages is thatallows its users to register as a professionalin order to open its own Virtual Store.


In Milanuncios you can not only give a second life to the objects that you no longer use, butYou can also look for work, home, vacation site, roommate...

The application allows you to contact other users through the phone - in case you prefer to be called directly instead of being written a message - a faster and easier way to close a sale.

Likewise,the application does not require opening a user profileas a previous step to publish. It is only necessary to enter an email to which they send a password that is used to manage the ad. In addition, it also allows distinguishing between professionals or individuals, as well as Vibbo.


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