What a need, hey!

In July, 7,300 jobs were destroyed and 3,230 more unemployed were registered, something that had not happened for months. But there is no need to be scared. Although just one unemployed person is a lot, taken as a whole and compared to the total number of people employed, they are not that many. In addition, yesterday the president had to curb his euphoria up to seven times during the press conference he gave after his interview with the King in Marivent, in view of how well everything is going. He already knows, when doubts assail him, he goes to the oracle. He doesn't guarantee success, but at least he assures her a happier aperitif, taking advantage of the fact that they haven't raised the temperature of the air conditioning in his bar yet. However, since I am a timid person, there are things that scare me. The first is to hear Vice President Nadia Calviño speak of a recession - only as an eventuality, but we had agreed that this was not going to happen in Spain in any case -. The second is to verify that there are no such bad records for a month of July in the last 21 years and see that we have suffered suffering and endured crises since then. The third is that, with tourism at its peak and contracting in the service sector that is fuming, they are not capable of straightening out the losses of the rest. The fourth that the month ended on a weekend and the always numerous cancellations of contracts will be added to those of the month of August. A few days ago we learned that car sales are going badly and that the industry is showing an appreciable contraction in its activity. What will happen when foreign tourists return to their cold countries, nationals return to our dull streets, and industries face costs that continue to rise, margins that continue to shrink, while customers begin to flee? Will we still be stuffed with euphoria in October? Pedro Sánchez blamed all this summer displeasure on Putin, whom he quoted some seven times and insisted that the Labor Reform has definitively changed the structure of employment and forces the figures to be read differently. I'm sorry, but that was for you. For thinking that he has only changed the titles of the contracts and suspecting that the workers of his beach bar will not remain permanent and will lose their jobs when the summer is over, even though the second vice president, in her infinite goodness, does not include them on the unemployment lists. You are sour. What a need, hey!

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