«What a laugh, children do not run when I'm going to kill them»

«What a laugh, children do not run when I'm going to kill them»

Patrick Nogueira, author confessed of the deaths of his uncles and nephews in August 2016 in the town of Guadalupe de Pioz, boasted of his crimes in messages sent to Marvin, a friend from Brazil, shortly after committing the murders, according to the initial account of the Fiscal Ministry at the start of the trial.

This is clear from the conclusions made by the chief prosecutor of Guadalajara, Rocío Rojo, who has addressed the popular jury to deny that Nogueira acted "by rapture" as claimed by the defense and remembering that he went to the home of Pioz equipped with weapons and garbage bags.

He has repaired the photographs sent via instant messaging: "QI laugh, the children do not run when I'm going to kill them, they grab onto each other when I'm going to kill them, "Nogueira said, according to Rojo.

The prosecutor, who has called the events "terrifying", He has continued to shed the "conclusive" evidence that in his opinion has been analyzed throughout the instruction.

After remembering that Nogueira fled to Brazil every time the bodies were found one month after the murders, has noticed that the author confessed fled to his country of origin, but decided to return to avoid having to face a judicial process in the Latin American country.

"He remembers everything, but says he can not remember what killed them. It only begins to remember once they are already dead ", has indicated, assuring that although the defense will argue "partial amnesia" about how the murders were carried out, they will present expert and psychological evidence that shows that it is a selective amnesia "because it does not interest" to tell it.


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