"We're going to have to direct him to the control sessions"

"We're going to have to direct him to the control sessions"

This has been pronounced in the halls of the Congress before the interview that this Friday will maintain Churches in the prison of Lledoners (Barcelona) with the president of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, who is in preventive prison by the 'procés'.

After assuring that Iglesias the "fucking master", has indicated that the PP will have to "direct" to him the control sessions to the Government that are held every week in Parliament because the leader of the purple party is the one that "directs the economy "in Spain and the one that" decides ".


Maillo has ensured that it is "surreal" that in Spain they "negotiate" the budgets in prison and stressed that Iglesias "is ultimately the one that negotiates on behalf of Pedro Sánchez", a government that has "the tare of origin" of having arrived in Moncloa without having won the elections.

"And now (Sanchez) has, I no longer say a vice president, I say practically a bis president who is the one who finally decides," he said, to reiterate that it is a "shame" and a "democratic anomaly" to negotiate public accounts in jail.

In his opinion, it is "insulting" to Spaniards. "Although it is a crack for their interests, it is a shame that in this country the budgets are negotiated in prison", concluded the former general coordinator of the 'popular'.


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