November 30, 2020

Well-paid jobs that nobody wants – La Provincia

Firefighter, police, nurse or teacher son some of the jobs we dream of since we were little.They are beautiful jobs and in most cases, very recognized, even economically.

On the opposite side are other very unattractive professions,to which very few people applybut that however are also very well paid:

1. Tanatopractor

They are responsible for arranging, restoring and preparing the bodies for the wake.

He is also in charge of dressing and fixing the bodies according to the relatives' requests. A difficult and unpleasant job for which companies pay between 1,700 euros and 2,000 euros.The unemployment rate in this sector is also very low.

As a tanatopractor, doctors specialized in tanatology and tanatopraxia can work.In Spain, people who take specialized courses in the sector can also apply for this job.There are training centers that offer the necessary degree with courses of just over 200 hours.

2. Garbage dump

Cleaning and collecting garbage from others is not the job you want when you enter the labor market but the salary of garbage dumps in Spain is not bad, sinceIt goes from 24,000 to 30,000 euros for 35 hours per weekdepending on the city.

3. Chicken sexador

Differentiate if a chicken is female or male. That is the work done by chicken sexers, a job that nobody dreams of, but that is not negligible, since in the United Kingdomfor example these professionals can enter up to 4,000 euros, although in Spain the salary is much lower. Of course, training to be able to distinguish animal sexin just 4 seconds it is almost three years.This is the fundamental reason why there is a deficit of workers and they are paid so well.

4. Pest controller

Fumigator or pest controller salaryIt is around 30,000 euros gross per year.It is a job in which few people want to work since these professionals are exposed toHazardous chemicals for humans to kill fleas, pigeons or cockroach nests, rats, bees, wasps or snakes.

5. Technical writer

Being a writer is the dream of many people, but writing manuals, technical guides or instructions can be a nightmare for the most creative.

This profile is currently demanded by many different types of companies, from IT to pharmaceutical companies and the salary they offer is most interesting. The most specialized technical writers can charge about 50,000 euros per year.

So you must change your resume to find work today

Access to the labor market is a changing process in which you have to adapt to the times. In addition to updating ourselvesThrough training, the way to build the curriculum and deliver it is also modified.Years ago, the curriculum was delivered by hand. Today, it would be unthinkable and it is more convenient for business and worker to do it by email.

Equally,we must modify the structure and content of the curriculum to give the feeling that we are updatedin the labor market and that we take the job search very seriously.

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