Welcome to the Hunger Games

Supply problems with vaccines threaten to spark a trade war and leave the usual ones behind. We expected the vaccine as if it were the immediate solution to the pandemic, but the reality is that management has bogged down again. "The European Union does not have the vaccines it expected, it is afraid of virus mutations and is experiencing a third runaway wave," writes our correspondent in Brussels, Andrés Gil.

We have debated a lot in the newsroom (well, in the meeting by video call) of elDiario.es about who has more responsibility for what is happening. If the EU for being soft and clumsy in its efforts or the pharmaceutical for playing trileros and promising vaccines that it was not going to be able to guarantee. In any case, the solution is not easy: the truth is that there is a shortage of doses and that the world powers are fighting for them.

"Let's see, how hard it really is going to be for poor countries," commented our colleague Natalia Chientarolli at the meeting. And following that idea, we are already working on finding out and publishing something in the next few days about how this supply crisis can affect parts of the world that are not usually on priority lists.

We see again with vaccines what we already saw with respirators. You remember? Cargo was intercepted on the runway from airports. (Less than a year ago of that, it's amazing). Then we saw him with the masks, which for weeks became an almost exclusive good, and the trade wars for keeping the supplies. Now it happens to us with vaccines. We live in the The Hunger Games, a savage competition for goods that are inalienable in the hands of an uncontrollable market.

  • And while, another mayor, the one in Boimorto (A Coruña), has been vaccinated without being touched. He has told to our colleagues from Galicia that since the residence of the elderly is municipal, since she was vaccinated as the first municipal responsible.
  • What does not disappear is the noise and the anger, also on account of the destination of European funds, such as Esther Palomera explains.

Occupy GameStop, the story of the week

A group of kids organized through one of the largest Internet forums in the US, Reddit, It's getting boycott the operation of the Wall Street stock market using your own delusional speculation tools.

It all starts with an organized and massive purchase of shares in a failing company, GameStop. The young people began to use such a speculative formula (the short sale) which is legal in the US but is highly restricted in Europe. The operation shows how far some financial mechanisms are from the real economy and has brought many billionaires and even many to the brink of ruin. investment funds, which now ask for more regulation to prevent a tool they invented from being used like this. Paradoxes of life.

The details are complex, but here are a couple of good explanations. In this Twitter thread an Argentine journalist describes the economic mechanism they have used. And our reporter Analía Plaza has investigated how the action has been organized from Reddit and explains who the drivers are.

Let's see how long it takes to make a movie.

Two weeks for the elections in Catalonia (or not)

The campaign for the elections in Catalonia that are supposed to take place on February 14 has begun. I would like not to have to mention the pandemic again, but it is going to be a totally conditioned campaign. Very rare.

It will be strange, first, because of the obvious: the rallies will not be what they were and all the parties are committed to holding events over the Internet to avoid mass meetings. No kisses, no squeezes, no babies in arms. Second, because justice can still postpone the voting date if things get complicated. Third, because a good part of the debate will revolve around Salvador Illa, who has just been Minister of Health. Fourth, because we will see pro-independence political leaders participate in acts and then go back to sleep in jail. And fifth, because the number of undecided is very high and it is not known what will happen with the participation. Our colleagues from Catalunya they open with this chronicle his work of electoral coverage.

Do not pass

  • The chaos of ambulances during the big snowfall. SER counts in a complete report how the lack of foresight ended in drama for the families in Madrid who needed health care during the storm.

The Tertullian Trivial

Let's play, it's Friday. This rotating section of the newsletter is a Trivia-style topicality test. If you hit all the 'quesitos', the same thing Ferreras calls you.

blue. Which country do youtubers who don't want to pay taxes in Spain prefer to go to?

Brown. What is the name of the new Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function?

Yellow. Which mayor of Madrid wanted to bring the Olympic Games to Madrid in 2020?

pink. In which television series does a US president sneak onto the organ donation waiting list?

Green. Of which marine animal are half of the specimens that live in the oceans in danger of extinction?

Orange. What Basque La Liga footballer jumped over Melila's fence on his pregnant mother's belly?


Here are the answers (don't look ahead of time):

Blue - Andorra. Brown - Miquel Iceta. Yellow - Ana Botella. Rosa - House of Cards. Green - Sharks. Orange - Iñaki Williams (Athletic).

With this we close our first week of 'Al día', I hope you are liking it and do not stop recommending it.

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