Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Welcome, «Mr. Sánchez »

At weddings it is said that “wet bride, lucky bride”, but there is nothing written about it for the Goya galas. Come on, as usual: good for those who go home with their hands full and something worse for those who do not, who are usually the majority. But in meteorological matters it is better not to enter because, for the moment, they are not in the hands of anyone to squeeze to put a perennial sun on key days. With this poor reasoning, the people of Malaga had to conform in their appointment with Spanish cinema. Resign to Gloria’s wishes and surrender to the cause, Goya’s own, who on their 34th anniversary left the capital of the kingdom again. And there are three: Barcelona (2000) and Seville and Malaga in the last two editions.

Knowing that, that the appointment is practically unique – unless you are from Madrid – and that there is no water that does not dry out, the girl approached María Zambrano at noon. The train arrived and a few dozen curious, mobile in hand, crowded at the exit of the illustrious passengers with the intention of hunting a snapshot or touching an idol. Already at the door of the station, it was the taxi drivers who became the best ambassadors in the city: «Do not go to think that this rain is normal here. Do not be scared, that tomorrow we will reach 18 degrees and this will be over, ”said a storm that has left its mark.

So far the local self-promotion of some Goya that were presented in the Martin Carpena, perhaps something away from the center and that Larios street that the models of the night would have looked good – it is also easy to find a place that serves to accommodate 3,000 attendees and everything they drag. But the distance was not a problem for the crowd of Malaga to approach the long red carpet that began outside, crowded, and was lost in the labyrinth of the sports hall. «More than 30 minutes», said the walkers who, between canutazos, photos, and others, took to overcome it. Meanwhile, outside were the “handsome” and “beautiful” of the voyeurs who were imposed on a constant chirimiri and unable to silence, or move, people.

Of the first to arrive at the event were the drivers of the event, two old acquaintances of the big head, Silvia Abril and Andreu Buenafuente. It will be the accumulated experience by which the couple presented themselves “without nerves,” they commented. About the gala, the same as what we have been accustomed to: «Much self-criticism and affection. Let’s laugh, but let’s not destroy ourselves, ”they anticipated a“ show ”in which music was going to have a lot of prominence. With the high pavilion, as usual, that Rosalía left in Seville, the ones in charge of taking the witness on this occasion were Rayden and Ana Mena –in the overture–, the Malaga-born Pablo Alborán, Amaia and Celia Flores, in homage to Pepa Flores, his mother. It was precisely Celia, along with her sister – María Esteve -, who at noon yesterday settled via Instagram one of the great doubts of the appointment: the desired Marisol was not going to be at the gala and were going to be her two daughters in charge of receiving the Goya of Honor. “My mother is very happy and honored for the award and for all the messages that have come to her,” they said already dressed up.

Clear the unknown, deserves point and apart one of the names of the night, Don Antonio Banderas, always a prophet in his land and chanted like nobody at the gates of the pavilion. On this occasion, his participation, beyond prizes, was also going to be as an interpreter of «A Chorus Line», the piece with which he has occupied his Soho Theater during the last months and with which he went on stage last night Martin Carpena The actor did not hesitate to stand on the carpet, almost at home, to, first, lament the weather and then, to talk about “justice” for the celebration of the Goya in his city: “He has been betting on cinema for years and it was a gesture that had to come ». The man who directed Banderas in “Pain and Glory”, Almodóvar also stopped to attend the media and made them along with Penelope Cruz to release that it will be the interpreter of Alcobendas responsible for delivering the Oscar to the non-English-speaking film, to which the manchego tape opts. The door remains open to listen in a few weeks to the now mythical “Peeeedro” with which “All about my mother” was recognized two decades ago.

Decaffeinated carpet

Another of those who served as host in the Carpena was Mariano Barroso. The president of the Academy did not hesitate to look at politicians to ask for Spanish cinema. Addressing Pedro Sánchez directly, he claimed a “status that he has not recognized, that of strategic and collective industry fundamental to the present, the memory and the future of the country. What is valued worldwide that is done internally and that that translates into measures, ”asked Barroso. This was one of the few political mentions during a somewhat decaffeinated carpet as far as claims are concerned. Not even a trace of the red fans against gender violence that, under the slogan “Not one more” were distributed in the 2018 and 2019 editions. For its part, the presence of the President of the Government, unpublished since the time of Zapatero, yes It was celebrated by the presenters of the gala: «It is very good that it makes an appearance. That which we see as something extraordinary, should be something normal every year, govern who governs, ”they acknowledged. In addition to the president, Alberto Garzón, Juan Manuel Moreno, Marta Bosquet and José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes were other leaders who were seen under the downpour.

Everything else would happen at the time of a gala that began at the rhythm of “Welcome Mr. Marshall” and was presented with three clear favorites, -conducting the number of nominations-: “While the war lasts”, “Pain and glory” and ” The infinite trench ”, but that is something of another chronicle.


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