Weinstein transferred to New York Wende maximum security prison

Film producer Harvey Weinstein, sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and a sexual criminal act, was transferred Wednesday to the Wende maximum security prison in upstate New York.

Weinstein, identified as prisoner number 20B0584, was until now in Rikers Island prison in the Big Apple, where he was taken moments after being convicted on February 24, although he has also spent several days in the Bellevue Hospital after suffering chest pain and heart palpitations.

Before being transferred to Wende, the successful producer went through another prison in the New York town of Elmira, local media say, although the reason for that scale is unknown.

At Wende, Weinstein will go through the prison system reception process in which center officials will assign him a security rating and determine where he will spend his 23-year sentence.

Herbert Morales of the New York Correctional Centers Association explained to Page Six that the process will take about 60 days, after which Weinstein will likely be sent to another jail for the remainder of his sentence.

This procedure to which the filmmaker will undergo includes handing over his possessions before receiving a shower and being shaved to prevent the spread of lice, Morales said.

“He will be given boots, sneakers, three pairs of pants, four shirts, a coat, and several pieces of underwear and T-shirts,” he listed.

Weinstein, 67, was convicted by a jury in late February of first-degree sexual assault, which carries between 5 and 25 years in prison, for forcing oral sex on production assistant Mimi Haley in 2006; and third-degree rape, punishable by a maximum of 4 years, against aspiring actress Jessica Mann in 2013.

On March 11, he was sentenced to 23 years in prison after the Prosecutor’s Office asked the judge in the case, James Burke, for a sentence that reflected “the seriousness of his accusations” and “the lack of remorse for the damage he has caused ”

In addition, he argued before the judge that the producer had a history of sexual assault and harassment, misbehavior and bad actions in the workplace and various other actions since 1978.


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