Weinstein still pending the verdict after three days of deliberations

The film producer Harvey Weinstein maintained on Thursday the doubt about his verdict in the trial against him that takes place in New York, after a third day of deliberations of the jury in which only twelve members were seen in public , to the judge and the accused.

Weinstein, who is awaiting a resolution after six weeks of trial, accused of five alleged sexual crimes, appeared in the state supreme court following a routine that he will soon abandon for better or worse: he climbed on his walker and surrounded by his large team of lawyers.

The Hollywood producer was seen a few minutes in the room while Judge James Burke opened the session and then, discreetly, retired to a private room, just like the magistrate, who left empty the wooden platform from which he is presiding over the First accountability as a result of the #MeToo movement.

They only returned to their designated places ten minutes before the end of the day, when the jury bell rang in a tense environment, with lawyers, journalists and public speaking quietly, expectantly, until they heard a new request for information and not an ad.

The jury continues to analyze whether Weinstein is guilty or not of an alleged sexual criminal act against production assistant Mimi Haley, in 2006, of first and third degree rape of aspiring actress Jessica Mann, in 2013, as well as of a rape of actress Annabella Sciorra almost 30 years ago.

But unlike the previous two days, in which the jury called the judge five times to request information from the parties, this Thursday the hours passed slowly until those last ten minutes even for the defense, judging by the long escape from the lawyers Donna Rotunno and Damon Cheronis in the hall to chat.

Prosecutor Joan Illuzzi-Orbon, who was seen yawning on more than one occasion, was near her desk, located in front of the enclosure from which the seven men and five women who have known evidence of the accusation and defense They make up the jury, and they now deliberate in secret.

After the bell rang, Judge Burke read the petition: “We request the interrogation of the defense to Annabella Sciorra and everything after her testimony. Thank you, with an exclamation point, and now, with the letter of another person, we are finished for today, judge, “as he just read jokingly.

The jury was summoned in the courtroom and Burke informed them that “the first thing” to be done tomorrow will be “read” that testimony, and then dismiss them until Friday reminding them not to search the case online or talk about their homework. with nobody.

Jurors are evaluating the charges one by one and in order, so this petition suggests that they are focused on those involving Sciorra, whose claim has been prescribed but is aggravating, and that they may not have begun to deliberate on charges related to Mann

This Wednesday they heard a dramatized reading of Haley’s testimony in the morning, another one in the afternoon of witness Rosie Perez, and also requested information on all communications related to Sciorra and the Black Cube research firm, which Weinstein would have commissioned Watch the actress.

Attorney Gloria Allred, who sat in the front row near the Manhattan prosecutor, Cyrus Vance, made an analysis of what happened on Thursday before the media, in which “nothing has happened”: “The jury has not sent questions. They are in possession of what they asked for yesterday. “

However, Allred said he had reflected on the motion filed by the defense against her on Wednesday: “I wonder why they tried to silence me yesterday as a lawyer for some prosecution witnesses and if I am going to be investigated by Black Cube, or Guide Post , since the court rejected the order. “


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