May 16, 2021

Weinstein and his lawyer agree to stop defending him in a rape trial

Weinstein and his lawyer agree to stop defending him in a rape trial

The former film producer Harvey Weinstein, accused of several crimes of rape, agreed with his lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, to stop exercising his defense, a move that now has to accept the judge of the case, as it involves modifying his legal team.

In a joint statement, Weinstein and Brafman reported that this decision was taken by mutual agreement and comes just a month after the judge in his case in New York rejected the dismissal of his case and set May 6 as the date of start of the trial.

"Both parties have agreed to separate in a friendly manner and Mr. Brafman has agreed to cooperate fully with Mr. Weinstein's new defense to ensure an orderly transition," they said in the statement.

The rupture occurs after several media reported earlier this week of disagreements between Brafman and the US producer, who wanted to expand his legal team, a decision that did not please his lawyer.

Although Weinstein is expected to present his new representatives next week, he must first get approval for the change of Manhattan Criminal Court Judge James Burke.

Brafman is a reputed celebrity lawyer – like Sean Combs or Jay-Z – and has defended Weinstein since he was arrested last spring.

Weinstein, 66, who was Hollywood's most influential producer, is accused of raping a woman in a New York hotel room in 2013 and forcing oral sex on another woman in his Manhattan apartment. in 2006.

In total there are five counts of serious crimes that he faces: two counts of predatory sexual assault, one count of first degree sexual violence and one of first degree rape and another violation of third degree.


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