March 1, 2021

Weekly releases and news in series and films from August 5 to 11 – La Provincia

This first week of August is loaded with documentaries, new seasons and some premiere series.

The new season of "The cable girls already"It is here. This new installment set in the Second Spanish Republic, will not leave us exempt from feminism, romances and mysteries.

"Glow", the third season of the Amazons of the ring, moves to Las Vegas with the characteristic brightness horticulture. The end of"Preacher", to see what will be of the life of the Reverend Custer, Tulip and Cassidy.

While on vacation, we have a tombola of the most varied documentaries. Starting by "The naked director ", which tells the life of Toru Muranishi, who by the 80s revolutionized the porn industry and the norms of society in Japan.

"Free Meek" It brings us a look at the judicial system and its holes from the case of rapper Meek Mill, while showing the social movement that was created under the name #freemeek.

"Fyre Fraud" one of the biggest scams in the history of festivals will reveal us. If we prefer slightly more tricky stories, we can opt for "Alternative finals: New ways to die in America " or, rather, how funerals are changing in North America; and by "The family", the story that reveals the sect created by Anne Hamilton-Byrne in Melbourne during the 60s to 90s.

Among the premieres series we find "Tuning", three young people living between music, drugs and religion in a favela; and"Pico da haze", a drug dealer who will discover that legalizing his business is not a simple task. Both series are set in San Pablo, Brazil.

If we prefer to change gears, "Wu Assassins"a long tradition of mythical powers and murderers will reveal to us; while"Silvio and the others"is the miniseries adaptation of the well-known Paolo Sorrentino film that highlights the excesses of the Berlusconi era.

Some movies like "Despues de. Everything starts here","Palm trees in the snow "," Suicide Squad "and" The Mona Lisa's smile ", will be available in case we missed them at the time.

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New seasons

The cable girls, season 4

The third season left many fans absorbed when Lidia finally opted for Carlos, although we all know that Francisco is still present in his thoughts.

For this fourth installment, the central axis will be the loss of Francisco, but also social struggles, gender equality and the end of the monarchy; since the context of the fourth season is that of the beginnings of the second Republic, in 1931.

The mystery in these new episodes comes from the hand of Carlota, who will have us with the lump in her throat as she enters politics. He faces a unscrupulous adversary, that not only will he have it in check between his intimacy and his ideals, but that it will make the girls more united than ever to solve a case that may involve the death penalty.

Do not forget that we will also have to see if Francisco finally reappears or not. The mysteries and intrigues are revealed from August 9 on Netflix.

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Glow, 3rd season

We know that Netflix almost cancels the third installment due to lack of audience, but it's finally here.
As if the plot seems to mix with real life, the new season begins with the disappointment that causes fighters to know that The expectations of the show are not as expected.

Without more, the show must continue, and what better with a tour of Las Vegas. The girls will show off glows, lycras, a lot of makeup and lacquer in the atmosphere perfectly designed for this type of event: Nevada desert casinos.

While we see that Ruth and Debbie have their relationship, we can enjoy this horticulture in full bloom, starting August 9 on Netflix.

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Preacher, 4th season

The end comes for this series that the Reverend Custer possesses, and where neither his childhood friend Tulip nor his strange friend Cassidy seems to lend a hand in this road adventure to the search for God, to claim him having left humanity to free will.

The last season left us on the verge of a nuclear catastrophe caused by the Grail, the organization that keeps the lineage of Christ secret, and which aims to separate the chaste from the impure. Recall that they have imprisoned Cassidy, the vampire friend by which Custer and Tulip venture on the road, again, to come to his rescue.

The outcome promises great madness with God and Hitler in the middle of the whole battle between the Grail and the reverend's band. This series based on the comic by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon is released on August 5 on HBO.

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The naked director

During the economic boom of the 80s in Japan, Toru Muranishi revolutionized the porn industry producing videos for adults and challenging Japanese cultural norms related to sex.

The documentary based on the book "The Naked Director: Biography on Toru Muranishi"written by Nobuhiro Motohashi, narrates the life of this businessman and film director who has become a pioneer and reference for having revolutionized the concept of eroticism in Japan. It opens on August 8 on Netflix.

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Free meek

A look at the judicial system and its holes in the case Meek Mill

Meek Mill is a well-known New York rapper who He was arrested for doing the horse with the motorcycle. The justice managed to jail again since he considered that this violated his probation.

The documentary tracks the entire rapper's judicial process and how the social movement evolved after his release. The movement was created under the name that gives life to this true crime, #freemeek. It premieres on Amazon Prime Video on August 9.

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Fyre Fraud The fraud festival

Nominated for Best non-fiction script at the 2019 Emmy, The documentary brings us one of the great frauds in the history of the festivals.

Fyre Fraud was going to be a festival that would provide a luxurious experience but that ended in chaos and denunciations; and of which thousands of tweeters echoed by broadcasting the live experience during the two days of the fraud.

Part of the images that will be seen are from the making-of, which were taken by the production and by the festival's advertising agency.

Some claim that the images have been taken for the purpose of being a car washa, while others argue that it is a way to capitalize on the failure that had already been anticipated before the festival. It opens on August 11 by Movistar +.

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Alternative finals: New ways to die in America

A different view on the funeral industry. It tells the different ways in whichand Americans choose to celebrate funerals, or as they call them the end of life.

In 2018 many of the Americans chose cremation instead of the classic burial, this generated in the funeral industry losses of around 16 million dollars.

A curious vision of how they are rethinking and changing the end of life, current generations compared to the baby boomers. It opens on HBO on August 14.

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The family

Focused on the founder of the apocalyptic sect called "The Family", located in Melbourne during the decades from 60 to 90.

Anne Hamilton-Byrne, was a charismatic woman convinced that it was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Together with her husband they had several children in charge, some of them obtained through deception and theft, which they used to form their sect.

The documentary shows us the stories told by former members of this sect, detectives who took the case and others involved who managed to take this complicated story to the highest spheres. It opens on August 9 on Netflix.

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Premiere series


Growing up in a favela is not easy And more if you have dreams to achieve.

This Brazilian drama, located in São Paulo, explores the lives of three teenagers, Doni, Nando and Rita, who grew up together in an environment where the Funk music, drugs and evangelical religion.

Together they will conclude that the best they can do in this environment, It is to save themselves. It opens on August 9 on Netflix.

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Pico da haze

We continue in San Pablo, Brazil; but this time with Biriba, a young drug dealer who decides to leave his criminal life behind andbite into business in accordance with the new lawThe government launched: legalize marijuana.

His partner in this new stage is Vini, a total inexperienced in the field. This new world of negotiation will not be easy, since both should deal with the weight of the past and with the traps of the new environment of business. It opens on August 5 on HBO.

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Wu Assassins

What would happen if you were the one? But from a long tradition of murderers. A chef from San Francisco becomes the last chosen from a long tradition of murderers, the Wu.

Your mission is to save Chinatown and not only that, but it must prevent the mystical powers of the Wu from falling into bad hands; even if those hands are about his own father. It opens on August 8 on Netflix.

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Silvio and the others

A miniseries of two episodes that bring us 54 minutes of footage not seen from the original movie.

Directed by Paolo Sorrentino, the extravagant and controversial figure of Silvio Berlusconi, by the hand of Sergio Morra, an attractive man who dreams of making the international leap to his questionable businesses.

For this, the brilliant idea is to approach Berlusconi, the most powerful man in Italy, through parties, draperies, extravagances and excesses. It opens on August 7 by Movistar +.

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Despues de. Everything starts here.

A drama located in the first year of the young woman's university Tessa Young. This dedicated student, responsible daughter and faithful girlfriend with grades aspirations for their future, he sees his life turn around when he meets the rebel and mysterious, Hardin Scott

A film that will take us on the journey towards innocence, self-discovery and sexual awakening of these two young people who, if hated at first, must then face the difficult tests to be together.

It can be seen from August 10 by Amazon Prime Video and from August 5 by Movistar +.

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City without law

Released in 2005, it was not highly acclaimed at the time by critics, despite having a cast recognized as Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey and Justin Timberlake; although, however, his will to report is valid.

Timberlake, a young reporter investigating the murder of a drug dealer, suspects that there is something murky behind the investigation of the crime by a corrupt elite unit. His boss, Morgan Freeman, throws him out because he doesn't share his vision, but he re-admits him, seeing that Pollack (Timberlake) is threatened by a policeman.

The district attorney, played by Kevin Spacey, will receive the story from two journalists and another young policeman. It can be seen in Movistar + from August 6.

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Other premieres to aim:

Amazon Prime Video

  • The vice of power (2018), August 11
  • Palm trees in the snow (2015), August 5


  • Enter the Anime (2019), August 5
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers gathered! (2015), August 5
  • Molly's Game (2017), August 5
  • Nobody will ever know (2018), August 5
  • Suicide squad (2016), August 6
  • Men on a Mission: 2019 (Series), August 6
  • Screwball (2018), August 6
  • Dollar (Series), August 8
  • Rocko's modern life: Chip change (2019), August 9
  • Spirit: Riding free (Series), August 9
  • King Arthur: The Legend of Excalibur (2017), August 10
  • Nocturnal animals (2016), August 12


  • The Mona Lisa's smile (2003), August 6
  • Marcus Level (Series), August 8
  • Mousepolis (2006), August 8
  • The couple of the year (2001), August 9

Movistar +

  • Ana and the apocalypse (2017), August 5
  • City without law (2017), August 6
  • My father's song (2018), August 6
  • A town and its king (2018), August 6
  • The accordionist's son (2018), August 7
  • Okko, the hostel and its ghosts (2018), August 7
  • The impostor (2017), August 8
  • The king (Documentary), August 8
  • The vault (2017), August 8
  • Animal graveyard (2019), August 9
  • The magic park (2019), August 9
  • Thank God (2018), August 9
  • Identity deleted (2018), August 9
  • The red spy (2018), August 9
  • Time after (2018), August 9
  • An extraordinary heart (2017), August 9
  • Threefold threat (2019), August 10
  • The Etruscan smile (2018), August 11
  • What Silver Lake hides (2018), August 14

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