June 18, 2021

Week of mourning for the chauvinist scourge

28 years.

On May 17, Warda was murdered in Sa Pobla (Mallorca) along with her seven-year-old son by her ex-partner. She was four months pregnant and had denounced her alleged assailant on two occasions: in 2012 and in 2018, as reported last day by the Government delegate in the Balearic Islands, Aina Calvo. None of this prevented her and the little boy from being suffocated by Ali Khouch, who sent a message to his brother-in-law saying: “I have killed Warda and the child, they are in the house.”

52 years.

The corpse of Betty, 52, was also found last Monday in Creixell (Tarragona) along with that of her husband, who committed suicide after shooting him on numerous occasions and causing him several wounds with a knife. It is not yet known if the crime occurred on the same day, as nothing was known about the victim since the previous Friday.

In the Archipelago, the average time it takes to report a complaint is 11 years and nine months


42 years.

Lucia lived in Corbera de Llobregat (Barcelona) with her husband and their two children, ages nine and 13. It was precisely the latter who alerted a neighbor last Tuesday after finding the lifeless body of his parents. His mother had been killed by his father who later hanged himself in the family home.

48 years.

Just 48 hours later, the 20-year-old son of María Teresa gave the alarm in Pola de Laviana (Asturias) about the femicide of his mother, who died at the hands of her ex-partner after giving her a shotgun shot that ended her life . The alleged murderer is in provisional prison without bail. For now, he is attributed a crime of murder with aggravated kinship and a crime of illegal possession of weapons.

35 years.

The last victim of the week was Katia. A 35-year-old girl who was stabbed to death at dawn from Saturday to Sunday in the home that her sentimental ex-partner has in Zaragoza. After the homicide and upon hearing the police approach, the aggressor tried to jump from the fifth floor where his house is located, although a van cushioned the fall, preventing him from dying on the spot. The alleged murderer remains in the ICU guarded by the agents.

According to the data updated yesterday by the Ministry of Equality, both Warna and Katia had previously denounced their attackers. However, only the last one had a protection order in force. A fact “to reflect on”, according to the minister responsible for the area who acknowledged last Friday that, “despite all the tools deployed in the country” to fight against sexist violence, “it has not arrived in time” with these women.

So far this year, 14 citizens have been murdered by their husbands, boyfriends or ex-partners


Hence, it considers that, although the state has “valuable mechanisms that save lives,” it is “more essential than ever” to improve and modernize existing tools and to know “precisely” in what procedures or in what phases of these protocols and mechanisms of intervention is being “failing to arrive on time.” To this end, the participants of the meeting of the State Pact against Gender Violence convened urgently “agreed to promote an improvement and modernization plan” of these tools that will start with a first diagnostic phase in which each institution can evaluate and “Transfer those elements that they consider may be failing.”

Likewise, the Government delegate against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell, said yesterday in an interview with Cadena Ser that it is “the time to control the aggressors more.” For Rosell, too much accent is placed on the complaint. «It is a door (police and judicial) for the exit of violence but it should not be the only one to solve the problem of violence because it is a very narrow door for many women who do not have the possibility to report, such as women who are in irregular situation ‘.

After the end of the state of alarm, for the delegate normality is restored in all areas, as in the gender violence that had declined in that period, and has warned that the situations of separations and divorces are especially dangerous for «some victims who do not find all the social support and sensitivity that they should.

In this sense, Kika Fumero recalls that the fight against sexist violence is not only a matter for institutions such as the ICI or the police, but that “many social agents come into play, in addition to the need to be aware of the responsibility that must be have as a society. That is why the Islands are working on several projects such as the Mascarilla 19 Municipalities plan, which aims for the different businesses to join the visibility and social denunciation of sexist violence, after the success of the Mascarilla-19 initiative promoted by pharmacists and that has resulted in 42 activated cases.

The Government activates a plan to improve and modernize the tools against this violence


But for Fumero the focus also has to be on prevention and this goes through a basic education whose fruits will be reaped in the long term. “This is a long-distance race in which we must not decline,” adds who laments that in the Archipelago the average time it takes to report abuse is 11 years and nine months. This is reflected in the Study on the Time It takes for Women Victims of Gender Violence to Verbalize their Situation, which places the autonomous community in third position above.

According to the ICI blog, «during 2020, sexist attacks imminently endangered the lives of women on nearly 10,000 occasions, exactly 9,407 emergency calls received by the SAMVV Service for Women Victims of Violence 1-1-2 »that finances finances the entity. That is, 60% of the calls that were made, which meant that 112 had to activate the Emergency Devices for Assaulted Women of the islands (DEMA) on 1,966 occasions – 407 times more than in 2019-.

Sexually exploited minor

The National Police arrested two women yesterday in Albacete as alleged perpetrators of a crime related to prostitution and corruption of minors, in an operation in which they released a minor who was sexually exploited, the daughter of one of the detainees. This was announced by the National Police in a note in which it detailed that, supposedly, the mother of the victim had acted in collusion and collaboration with the other detainee to obtain financial gain by sexually exploiting her own daughter. The head or “mommy” of the brothel directly managed the ads and sexual contacts of the minor, whose services were advertised as of legal age. The young woman was being sexually exploited by said person, who imposed rules of coexistence and availability of 24 hours a day, all with the consent of her mother. The operation has concluded with the registration of the property of the dating house where four mobile phones, a tablet, 950 euros in cash and numerous probative documentation have been intervened. | Efe


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