June 17, 2021

Weddings by the Church decrease by 30% in the last five years

A wedding inside the Cathedral of Seville.

A wedding inside the Cathedral of Seville.

The Church marriages They fell by 29.3% in the last five years before the pandemic, going from more than 51,000 in 2015 to less than 37,000 in 2019, according to the Annual Report of Activities of the Spanish Episcopal Conference, with data from 2019.

Specifically, in 2015, 51,810 marriages were celebrated by the Church; 50,805 in 2016; 46,556 in 2017; 41,975 in 2018 and 36,650 in 2019. These data do not yet take into account the year 2020, when marriages had to necessarily decline due to the pandemic of coronavirusBecause during the confinement, weddings could not be celebrated and, later, a maximum capacity was required.

This decrease is also observed in baptisms and first communions. In particular, baptisms have experienced a 23.9% decrease in five years, going from 231,254 in 2015 to 175,844 in 2019; and communions have fallen by 14.8%, from 240,094 in 2015 to 204,618 in 2019.

“As regards the question of baptisms and marriages, the decrease is there, it can be seen in the memories of successive years, “said the general secretary and spokesman of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE), Luis Argüello, this Tuesday, May 11, at a press conference to present the Report Activities of the Catholic Church in Spain 2019.


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