July 30, 2021

Webex, the new tool to facilitate teaching – La Provincia

Technology companies IBM and Cisco have offered the tool for freeCisco Webex to the Community of Madrid so that studentspublic, private and concerted schools can continue with theirvirtual classesduring the coronavirus epidemic.

The measure, which affects the million Madrid students, includes theaccess, management and support, through corporate volunteering, from the Cisco Webex telework and collaboration tool, in operation since Tuesday, which connects teachers and students in real time.

The platform allowsteachers use the work they had done before quarantine, as well as the materials they have created these days, and make them available to students.

More of100,000 teachers from the Community of MadridThey already have a personal account in the service to start the virtual classes. All those teachers registered with EducaMadrid (in the 2019-2020 academic year) will be able to use the platform.

IBM offers the teaching community support for the process of adoption and use of the platform. About 600 company professionals have signed up as volunteers since Friday, and will provide tutoring for teachers to take advantage of the platform.

Likewise,may provide telematic help in real timein order to solve any doubt or technical problem. Cisco has also created support video guides. “We want to help everyone benefit from digitization, especially in critical situations such as today,” says Andreu Vilamitjana, CEO of Cisco Spain, in a company statement.

“This time, we feelespecially proud to be able to contribute, combining technology and professional volunteering, to reduce the impact of the COVID 19 crisis in our country, “says Marta Martínez, president of IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel.

Cisco’s collaboration with IBM is also open to possible incorporation into the program of other Autonomous Communities, as well as other possible uses in other areas of public administration.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is a collaboration solution, and its Meetings version includes not only video conferencing, but also the possibility ofshare desktop and applications, multimedia resources, annotations and surveys in real time.

These functionalities provide a virtual classroom, where students participate in classes in a guest mode, without the need for a user account. Everything is managedfrom the teacher’s personal room, who ‘invites’ the students, controls the audio -silending the student’s microphone when needed- and can record the session to share it or review it later.

For its part, the Cisco Webex Teams version facilitatescollaboration between teachers and school staff, with advanced chat, videoconference and document and screen sharing functionalities.

The Cisco Webex platform has more than 130 million monthly users worldwide, and processes more than 6 billion minutes of meetings every month.


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