June 5, 2020

"We will win … Despite him"

Yesterday, the Spanish basketball team flirted, once again, with the history of sport: after 13 years of that feat that led the Gasol, Navarro and Calderón to hang the gold in Japan, Scariolo won the Basketball World Cup yesterday after imposing itself on Argentina 75-95. On that date it was Pepu Hernández who led the team; In the current triumph, Sergio Scariolo has achieved it. The Italian coach, who has been leading La Roja since 2015 (also had a period from 2009 to 2012), you can not doubt too much seeing his record, but still has some detractors such as, for example, Pedro Sanchez.

The president of the Government published in 2011 a series of tweets in which he showed his low sport affinity towards the coach: “I enjoying a good game of basketball, these French are tough, huh? But we will win … Despite Scariolo. ” In another previous post it said: “I hope so, that we win in Lithuania, although you I recognize that I am not a fan of Scariolo and that's where we fail: in the coach ”.

Yesterday, the president's words on Twitter were very flattering towards the Basketball Team: he congratulated the entire team and congratulated them on the victory. In addition, he reviewed the triumphs that have accumulated national teams, both male and female.

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