"We will vote for whoever takes over the planet"

"We will vote for whoever takes over the planet"

Around 18:10, just when the dozens of young people who had approached the doors of the Congress began to read the manifesto in which they call themselves "the condemned generation", in the center of Madrid has begun to hail. They were already doing a sit-in and, far from running to take refuge, they have shouted louder: "This time, in April is not normal". They protested for the lack of political commitment to climate change.

It's the fifth Friday that goes out in Madrid -in other cities they started weeks before-, after the first meeting in the capital of the Fridays for Future movement, on March 1, and the strike day called '15m green', that gathered thousands 3 weeks ago. They follow in the footsteps of Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swede who has not been to the institute since August on Friday to ask for measures against global warming and which has inspired mobilization throughout Europe.

Now most of the young people who attend are university students -in the beginning, more high school students participated-, and some miss class and others do not: a few days ago they voted when they thought it best to hold a demonstration, in the afternoon or in the morning. So that more people could go and favor "the conciliation", explained Irene, they all decided that in the afternoon.

To this April 5 in Madrid have been about 40 young people -some with their pets-, and a few Mothers for the Climate -By those who above all thought about conciliation-, who today celebrate that they are "more and more all over the State" and who do not want to keep their children away from a cause that also falls to them.

"We do not know how to do it, but we have to change it"

This afternoon there was less influx than the first day but most attribute it to the rain "that always discourages." Also many, like Rosalía, emphasize that "the important thing is that we do not stop and that every Friday and in assemblies a few follow".

There are many assistants who are already regulars, like Amara, who has only missed a date "if I had any compulsory activity in the faculty, if I have not come". "We are very young," she reasoned, "we do not really know how to do it, but we have the conviction that we have to change it, because otherwise the climate will change, we are already seeing it." Climate change is unstoppable.

During the meeting they repeated the songs that are already mythical for Fridays for Future and its sister entity, Youth for Climate, such as "there is no planet B", "not one more grade, not one less" or "without us no There is a future. " Also several in English. Likewise, among the protesters the arguments were repeated: 2030 is the deadline, institutions have to listen to science and "this is our grain of sand, so that they realize." We can complain, but we can not stop the change. It has to reach those who can, "said Miren.

For now, first of all think about continuing to go out every Friday. After the demonstration they had an assembly to plan the next and, perhaps, some more action. "I think it is important to emphasize that what we do on Fridays is extended day by day, that each one from our place defends what we preach on Fridays throughout the week," thought Rosalía, who defines herself as a member of the movement. They have official leaders.

Some also speak of taking advantage of the fact that the pre-campaign begins to enter it and that climate policies enter the agenda. "The pacts that have been reached so far are not enough for the emergency we are living in. We have to ask what we are going to ask for, what they have to fulfill, young people are going to vote for whoever takes over the planet we live, the society we inhabit, "Rosalia continued. At 7:30 p.m., when the assembly was scheduled to begin, in which to decide on its next steps, the sun was already shining in Madrid.


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