December 5, 2020

“We will defend the rights of the basic scale: 56% of the workforce”

They wanted to give a nod to the license plates of their police vehicles (they all end up in PGC because it means Civil Guard Park) and thus they baptized the association that they saw necessary to create: Civil Guard Professionals (PGC), which comes to represent the bulk of the staff of this body (56%), to the basic scale: the civil civil guards. “The officers or non-commissioned officers already have other associations that represent them, we will focus on defending the rights of those who are below,” explains the spokesperson for the new association, José Manuel Manrique. Although they signed the statutes a couple of months ago, the official presentation took place on the 15th at Valdemoro headquarters, coinciding with the appointment of the new director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez. Regarding this new command, in PGC they only had good feelings. “It is a very important milestone that is the first woman. The important thing is that you do your job well because the change must take place urgently, ”says Manrique, who describes the management of Gámez’s predecessor, Félix Azón, as“ disastrous ”. “Hopefully she won’t leave us lying like Azón,” he criticizes. Precisely, among the objectives with which the association is born are the support and recognition of women within the Body, since they are still a very small group: just 7% of the workforce, although this year marks 32 years since they were able to oppose the Civil Guard.

The PGC – whose presidency Guillermo Freire occupies – basically seeks the “dignification” of employment and “maintaining the prestige of the institution”. Among its main challenges is, of course, the wage equalization, something that the whole group has been fighting for in recent years. “To see what happens with this Coalition Government, we will be very aware of what is established,” he says of this matter.

But one of the key challenges and that, from the outside, seems more unfair, is the suppression of the application of the Military Civil Code when they are not doing military work. “Specifically, the modification of the Organic Law so that point 5 of article 1 is eliminated” from this code, so that it is not applied when they are doing police work or even in their free time, as has already happened. For example, last October, an agent entered prison after a guard was sentenced to seven months in jail for an argument.

Territorial reorganization

They also consider from PGC that the current territorial deployment must be reorganized, which “is from the 50s and is very obsolete”. “There are 24-hour inoperative barracks and no staff to go outside. We would have to do a study and reorganize it, ”says Manrique. In addition, the need to invest in the remodeling of some facilities and barracks also begins to be urgent. “Many are in unfortunate conditions although, to invest in material means, what matters most to us now is the safety of the agents: that each one has his own vest and that they do not have to share it,” he denounces.


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