Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

"We were planning an anthology of his texts on animals"

"We were planning an anthology of his texts on animals"

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Miguel Aguilar has been editor of the essays of Sánchez Ferlosio in «Debate».

-You were friend and editor. What is your memory of him?

-I have to go back almost to when I was born. He was a kind of legendary character, but real, with a bottomless knowledge of the most abstruse subjects and an incredible ability to expose them in a fascinating way. He was very fond of children, he loved them. Having him around was wonderful. As an editor and from a more adult perspective, I think the power of his work is truly amazing. Hidden under the power of his thought and the famous hypothesis - the phrases that never end with clauses and clauses - there is a brilliant writer with a really dazzling sense of humor. He is an author with whom well read you part of laughter. It's really very funny, but always under that sullen cloak. As an editor it has been a privilege to publish part of his work, especially the four volumes of his essays.

-To the reader who approaches you for the first time, where would you advise to start?

-There is a book that we recently published entitled «Selected pages», an edition made by Ignacio Echevarría, which brings together fragments of many different works: some are essays, there is some story, some fragment of a novel ... As an aperitif, as a way of Open your appetite that selection is truly extraordinary. And many generations of Spaniards have read "Alfanhuí" or "El Jarama" in the baccalaureate. They are two very different works, but I could not say a specific title because I am a fan of all.

- Were you working on a new book? Have you left an unpublished one?

-The project we had on the table was an anthology of his texts on animals. Nature or hunting have been themes that have always interested him. Ignacio Echevarría had put together a selection of pages in which he talks about animals. That's what we had most immediately.


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