May 17, 2021

"We were not in the debate and we played it"

"We were not in the debate and we played it"

The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, has assured tonight that all the parties have been "nervous" and are "talking" about this game. "We were not in the debate and we played it."

Abascal has referred to the allusions to his training during this meeting between the candidates of the PSOE, PP, Cs and Adelante Andalucía.

"They did not count on us at all but they do not stop talking about Vox." Some have become so nervous that they have systematically talked about the useful vote for four weeks, "he said in relation to the PP, during his speech at a rally in the palace. exhibitions and congresses of Aguadulce, in Roquetas de Mar (Almería).

He said that although he does not know what the results of the elections this weekend will be, what the Almeria polls say is "extraordinary". "They already say that we are the third political force, even ahead of those of 'Back Andalusia.' That is no coincidence, while some say back Andalusia, we forward Spain," he said.

"I do not know if we will advance 'Andalusia back', Citizens or the PP but we will do something historic, Beyond one, two, three or eight deputies, are the keys of San Telmo to drive corruption and Chavez communism" , he assured.

Thus, he considers that Vox has already "won" because he has managed to get other parties to "say what was unspeakable to them".

"The PP is talking about illegal immigration and recovery of skills, for a while because Feijóo has come to call to order and has already rectified (…) We have seen Cs giving rallies in Alsasua (…) To Pedro Sánchez talking about Gibraltar, bad, but speaking, "he added.

He also criticized Susana Diaz: "The subject that the Board presides over to say that we are xenophobic, racist, sexist, has even dared to say that we justify violence against women, against our grandmothers, women, mothers and daughters , without any kind of defense. "

In this way, he reiterated that his training to the only thing he opposes is an "unjust law" that "does not fight" a violence that "continues to produce" nor "false accusations against many men", claiming another that "protect effectively "to the women of the abusers and to" our children "of some" unscrupulous.

Abascal has stated however that Vox is not going to "scare or take to the corner of the quadrilletero as the orange roulette or the right coward", and has argued that he already predicted in Vista Alegre that they would call them "fachas" for "thinking how we think and say naturally the things we say at home ".

"Let us call what they want, we will not waste a minute justifying ourselves to those who have led Spain to ruin, division and confrontation," he said, adding that against Vox has begun a campaign of "insults" and "defamation", even against their families.

"Vox is going to receive the patriotic vote of living Spain, over ideologies, what matters to you is three or four things that are common sense and that we have inherited from our fathers and mothers (…) The strength you see here is that of the Spanish nation, that Spain alive, that was silenced and hidden, that has risen and will not return to prostrate itself "

Abascal has concluded that on November 2, "we are going to give an aupa scare to all those who were so happy."


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