"We want to get out of this crisis through the door of the future, not with cuts like in 2008"

The Minister of Science, Diana Morant, does not want a repetition of the "brain drain" that occurred in the 2008 crisis and assures that in this "we have to do things differently". “Between 2011 and 2016, 5,000 research positions were destroyed. There was a brain drain, it meant that we did not invest in science and now we want to do the opposite, ”she has stated in a event organized by elDiario.es on the EU-Next Generation Funds. “We want to get out of the crisis through the door of the future”, he added, “not like in 2008 when the recipe was economic and personnel cuts”.

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Among the European investments for Science, the avant-garde health program stands out. 1,500 million euros –1,000 public and 500 private– to produce “therapies with names and surnames” in Spain that are accessible to all patients in the National Health System.

Morant has insisted that the objective is for Spain not only to research science, but also to be capable of producing that innovation so that "an American patent doesn't come and buy" the advances. For this reason, he has indicated that one of the Government's priorities is to “introduce culture and science in companies, so that they invest more in R&D”. A recent study by the Social Observatory of the La Caixa Foundation reveals that only 38% of researchers carry out their work in private companies compared to 60% in other leading countries in science.

"As a country we are number 11 in scientific production but in innovation we are number 30, there is a part where we have to improve and for that we have to work with private companies", indicated the head of Science, who has boasted that the The government of which he is a part has doubled the budget of the portfolio in relation to the last accounts of the previous Executive of the PP. "In companies there are no engineers or researchers to hire and we have an opportunity to recover talent, provide stability and future prospects," she said.

Regarding the reform of the Science Law, approved in February by the Council of Ministers, Morant has assured that it will be an "instrument" to achieve that stability. “We are at a time for science. The pandemic has shown us how important it is. In crises we have looked to scientists for an answer and now they are looking at us”, he has settled.

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