March 2, 2021

"We try to make the client feel at home with friends" – La Provincia

Residencias Canarias S.A. (Hotel Bohemia Suites & Spa) received the Innobankia Canarias 2019 Award for the Best Tourism Company. This award distinguishes those companies that are carrying out innovative initiatives and projects. Directed by Fernando Calvo, it is a five-star only for adults, which combines luxury in an isolated frame that is characterized by its tranquility.

What does it mean for Residencias Canarias S.A. (Hotel Bohemia Suites & Spa) receive the Innobankia award for the Best Tourism Company 2019?

The recognition of the work done by all the people who make up Bohemia Suites & Spa, those who work in and for the hotel with a spirit of improvement and at the forefront of the real needs of our current target audience.

Bohemia Suites & Spa is an atypical hotel in a very typical location of sun and beach tourism in Spain. We create a destination within the destination that offers a personalized service and adapts to today's traveler.

The search for differentiation in an ocean of vacation offers such as the Canary Islands is our hallmark and that to which we dedicate most of our efforts in the short and long term.

The Innobankia award is the confirmation that we are on the right track, that the message we want to convey is being received and makes us very proud.

What would stand out of the offer of the establishment?

The ability to adapt quickly to changes in the market. Including in this plane the global offer of Bohemia Suites & Spa, that goes from the lodge to the own aesthetics of the company.

The personalization of the service is one of our basic pillars. We are a boutique hotel, with a small volume of customers, which allows us to personally meet each of them and adapt to their needs. The Bohemia team is trained to capture those seemingly insignificant details and turn them into a great experience.

Then the comfort of our facilities, design, gastronomy and wellness are the most outstanding values.

Should the hotel sector be directed to excellence and personalized services to continue growing?

Perhaps at this point the market niche should be differentiated, companies that compete with price and volume are not the same as those that compete for individualization. In all of them, adaptation and innovation is necessary to continue growing, but the business model does not necessarily have to be changed.

Undoubtedly, within which we are, personalization is the path to excellence.

What does new technologies mean to the hotel as attractive and what does it mean during a stay?

In our case, it corresponds to exceedingly outstanding with the expectations of our clients, our image is linked to our technological services. We have a brand new audiovisual system in our Bang & Olufsen rooms that are part of the Bohemia Suites experience, tablets with no download limit to take them with you outside the hotel and connect directly with us when needed or a home automation system per housing unit of light and temperature setting.

We also have a digital service available for every imaginable newspaper and magazine, in any language or country, all of them within the reach of a single button.

Is combining cold and mathematical technology with warm and friendly service not complicated?

Our specialty is closeness and our philosophy "like in the house of good friends". Technology is our tool to achieve it, as I said before, we can connect directly with our customers 24/7 from anywhere on the island, is there anything more comforting than knowing that wherever I am, I can be assisted in my language by an expert ? And with this I mean that behind all this, is the warmth of a great team of people who make up Bohemia Suites.

What is the profile of the client that comes to your establishment?

We have a very varied mix if we refer to age, sex or nationality, but in all of them there is a common denominator, they are people who seek to rest in a place where the environment of bohemian spirit, free mind and positive energy is cultivated.

They also stand out for offering extra events that become references for leisure, gastronomy or music. Where does that philosophy that has given so many good results come from?

I confess at heart that all part of the illusion of the Bohemia team itself, of the desire to innovate and strive to create quality events that become the showcase of our business vision. For us, each event is an opportunity for improvement and growth of the brand, our identity and what we want to tell.

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