"We thought that he was not going to play the right coward"

"We are here for the values, not for the parties. These come and go, but what really matters are the convictions. We will only support the parties that are truly committed in writing to life, family and freedom." HazteOir.org 'breaks' with Vox, accuses him of being a "cowardly right wing", in a curious struggle to see which of the two organizations, which have gone hand in hand for months, better represents the postulates of the extreme right.

Louis Tudanca: "I rebel, I refuse to normalize the entry of the extreme right of Vox in a government"

Luis Tudanca: "I rebel, I refuse to normalize the entry of the extreme right of Vox in a government"

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Although on some other occasion the formations led by Ignacio Arsuaga and Santiago Abascal had clashed, the blood had never reached the river. Until now: on the occasion of the elections in Castilla y León, the ultra agitation movement has demanded that the green formation define itself clearly with respect to its great obsessions: the family, abortion and "gender ideology".

"We don't want more parties like the PP"

"In Madrid, he approved the Budgets of the PP without touching the LGTB laws. In Castilla y León he did not answer our questionnaire and did not commit himself to our values. We do not want more parties like the PP," they point out on their social networks in a post that includes a collection of signatures to demand that Vox commit to its most radical postulates. It seems incredible, but not even Abascal's formation is far-right enough to HazteOir.

It's not a kick, it's a pure pressure campaign. That before had the PP as the protagonist, and now Vox. With advertisements in the media and even on the road. This time there are no famous buses, but trucks. Yes, a total of eight trucks in which it is said that Vox and the PP are the same.

Vox does not return calls

Ignacio Arsuaga himself maintains that there is "the defense of some values ​​that we believed we shared: defense of life, of the family, freedom of education, rejection of the ideological laws of the left." What they did not expect was that this was not returned to them signed by the party.

"The PP had us used to not committing because that allows them to promise anything and then change their jacket. However, Vox used to endorse in writing what they affirmed loudly," says Arsuaga. "It seems that Vox, who came to do what the 'cowardly right wing' would never dare to do, is not going to do it either. At least he does not want to commit to it with thousands of people who trusted his word."

Open letter to Abascal

In its own signature collection channel (Change.org style), Citizen Go (the parent company of HazteOir), writes an 'open letter' to Santiago Abascal:

Abascal, I ask you to commit

Santiago Abascal, president of Vox:

I am writing to you to ask you to commit in writing to the six-point questionnaire on issues of life, family and freedom that we sent to the Vox candidate, Juan García-Gallardo, for the elections in Castilla y León on the 13th of February.

I sent you the questionnaire a few days ago and as of today I have not received a reply. I want to tell you that this silence casts doubt on Vox's commitment to the values ​​it always said it would defend, especially after what happened in the Community of Madrid in December, when they gave up fighting to the end for the repeal or modification of LGTBI laws.

Please answer the questionnaire and clear up the doubts that this silence is causing among pro-life and pro-family citizens, among whom I include myself.

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