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We tested the new iPad Mini, these are the pros and cons of this tablet

Probamos el nuevo iPad Mini, estos son los pros y los contras de esta tableta

The second iPad that this journalist used was the iPad Mini first generation A tablet that for a long time gave the feeling of having excellent measures. His screen was large enough not to miss a larger one, but its size was small enough to carry it everywhere. Although that was 2012.

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When you unpack the unit of evidence that we have used for this analysis, you feel a certain sense of déjà vu. The iPad Mini of 2019 is tremendously similar to the 2012 in its external appearance. And that is not good news. No one can deny that the iPad Mini presented a few weeks ago is still comfortable. But that huge frame that surrounds the screen does not seem very logical in 2019.

A curiosity: it incorporates a headphone jack

It is true that making tablets at a good price, like the one with this iPad, and with high-quality components, such as your hardware, has a price: eliminating the Touch ID system and reusing the fingerprint reader, providing the One screen tablet with a huge frame (although the panel provides great image quality), and equip a camera that is almost identical to the iPhone 6 of 2014.

There is also a detail that has attracted our attention in this iPad Mini: the standard headphone connector is maintained! This has left us completely baffled. Well Apple were the ones who started the trend to suppress it years ago. We are of the opinion that this component still makes a lot of sense and the tendency to eliminate it does not seem positive to us.

One of the strengths of the tablet is its processor, the same as the current iPhone

In addition to being able to use headphones without an adapter, and with higher sound quality than if we use Bluetooth, we must not forget that it also makes the use of microphones much easier. Something important to make video conferences or record an interview. Something for which an iPad Mini can be a good tool. By the way, the iPad Mini has two speakers that provide stereo sound, although its quality is not the best on the market are not bad. It also equips two stereo microphones.

But let's go to the innovations that this iPad Mini brings inside. The main one is that equips the Bionic A12 processor. Yes, the last of the company and the most efficient. Although we have not been able to compare it with the A12 processors that equip the latest generation iPad Pro, much faster than the iPhone XS, we tend to think that it is the version used by the iPhone XR. Well we have been able to verify that the performance of some demanding applications, as it is the case of Adobe Lightroom, is very similar in both devices. What is not bad news at all.

The iPad Mini 2019 with the Apple Pencil.

The iPad Mini 2019 with the Apple Pencil.
(Ramón Peco)

Although Apple does not give data on the memory that equip their devices it is already known that the iPad Mini of 2019 has three gigas of ram. The same amount as the iPhone XR. Although for an Android device this would be a bad data, the efficiency of iOS when managing memory is superior to Google's operating system. So these three gigas should provide performance without problems of obsolescence for about two or three years. Maybe four. In the present everything flows beautifully.

Another novelty The iPad Mini is compatible with the Apple Pencil. This was something to expect, but we are surprised that Apple does not decide to launch a smaller optical pen. As the current occupies as can be seen in the images that accompany this article almost all of the screen of the device.

The iPad Mini 2019 compared in size with the Huawei P30 Pro 6.5 inches.

The iPad Mini 2019 compared in size with the Huawei P30 Pro 6.5 inches.
(Ramón Peco)

The size of the Apple Pencil makes it somewhat cumbersome to use it on the 7.9-inch screen. But it is also true that soon one gets used to taking notes, drawing with him or doing a photo retouching. Although, we insist, this iPad screams for a smaller pen. And put to ask for a slot in which to store it and load it, as happens with tablets from other manufacturers.

The screen of the iPad Mini thanks to its 4: 3 ratio is much larger than one would expect from a 7.9-inch screen. Apple does very well not to equip screens with proportions 16: 9 or even more elongated. In one of the photos that accompany these lines can be seen as the Huawei P30 Pro on the screen of an iPad Mini.

The proportions of the screen, 4: 3, make those 7.9 inches are greater than you think

Despite having that phone a 6.5-inch screen, its size is almost half that of this iPad Mini. The proportion of the Huawei phone's screen has a much longer aspect ratio: 19.5: 9. Therefore, we should not be confused if we think that a phone with a screen of one inch or something more is almost as big as the screen of the iPad Mini.

The screen uses LED technology. It has a wide color range and a fairly high resolution: 2,048 by 1,536 pixels. What provides a density of 326 points. Much higher than the essential iPad with 9.7-inch screen, it has the same resolution but its screen is larger pixel density is reduced to 264 points. The difference is not huge, but it is appreciated when reading or doing precision work. In short, it is a very high quality screen.

The image quality of the iPad Mini 2019 screen is quite good.

The image quality of the iPad Mini 2019 screen is quite good.
(Ramón Peco)

On the cameras of this iPad we are going to go over the top. A tablet is not a suitable device for taking photos, but a tablet with the size of the iPad Mini, which many will often carry on their travels, it would be nice to have better quality cameras. The resolution of the main is eight megapixels and has no stabilized objective, also has a very poor brightness: f / 2.4. Its main function seems to us that it can be scanning documents, but even for that it would have been a good idea to equip it with a led flash.

The front camera is not a good idea to use it for anything other than videoconferencing or recording an occasional video with a good light (the two cameras record in Full HD 30fps). The selfies are not too good and are limited to 7 megapixels of resolution.

When it comes to taking pictures or recording video this iPad feels somewhat obsolete

This iPad will be ideal for all those who consider too bulky to use one with a size of 9.7 inches. Your hardware is excellent and allows you to do much more than read or watch videos. Using a small Bluetooth keyboard and the Apple Pencil can be an excellent tool for taking notes. But also to edit videos or make retouching of images without having to carry a much more bulky device.

Its price, which starts at 449 euros in the version with 64 gigabytes of storage and no SIM card connection, is not a bargain but it is much better than that of many Android tablets that provide a more limited experience. This iPad Mini would have been much more advisable if Apple had made an effort to reduce their frames, but despite that those who buy and have clear that they do not want a screen of 9.7 inches, or greater, they will not be wrong.

Its price, its hardware and the quality of its screen are the main qualities of the iPad Mini 2019

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